Iconic Review Exclusive – Blue Amazon & Louie Le Fink – Fascinated / Sureal Deal

Iconic Review Exclusive – Blue Amazon & Louie Le Fink – Fascinated / Sureal Deal

May 17, 2018 Off By Editor

Review – Blue Amazon & Louie Le Fink – Fascinated / Sureal Deal

Artist – Blue Amazon & Louie Le Fink: Fascinated – Iconic Underground Premier

Label: Radiate (Catalogue Rad002)

Release Date: Trax source Exclusive 18th May 2018 – other stores June 1st

Fascinated landed in my inbox earlier this week, I looked at the artists Blue Amazon and Louie Le Fink. For a producer probably known more for progressive sounds, Blue Amazon is, for me one of those artists that stands the test of time, we all remember the one that made BA ‘No Other Love’, a timeless piece still shaking the booties of crowds worldwide today. Well BA as an artist hasn’t held back here on this collaboration with another well-respected producer Louie Le Fink, who has preceded this work with belters such as ‘Everything’, ‘Amuletum ‘and the lively ‘El Yoku’.

So what do you get when you bring these two top notch producers together? Fascinated of course.

This is a three track EP, with two mixes of Fascinated, the Original and the Techno Piggy Remix.  Another track, Surreal Deal is also bolted on for good measure and stands apart from the EP’s namesake.

Fascinated Original Mix

The original mix sets us off on a steady pulse where we slowly get introduced a female vocal on loop through I believe a low pass filter, this is a mainstay of the track, shortly into the track were treated to the first short break, but wait, there’s a chiming loop there just before the break and I just know I know that from somewhere before, eh? Mr Amazon 😊

A nice synth backed groove takes us into the main break, there’s a nice slow down, drop of melodic sounds to an energetic pull out and away we go again in to the 2nd part of the track, the trumpety synth keeping pace alongside the filtered vocal slowly drops us off to the end of the track, we’re even reminded towards the  end that BA is on this with that chiming loop.This track as all the hallmarks for success and I love the subtle touches by both producers in this that is almost their signature.  I’ll be playing this out.



Fascinated (Techno Piggy Remix)

Opening similar to the original mix, albeit keyed up a few notches were taken quickly into a sweeping synth with a nice violin sound in the background, were also treated to a sweet acid style loop that introduces us into the breakdown, and what a breakdown it is. There’s cliff edge stuff here as we drop off, then come back with that sweeping synth, violins, warped vocal (Mr le Fink’s touch I think) into the Fog horn of the QE2 before were off again on a gallop into the 2nd part of the track. That break is made for a big room system, I can’t wait to play it out on a F1 or Void system. We’re reminded that the track isn’t just finished with us yet as we’re paced throughout until the last 90 seconds where the producers have made this a mix friendly long outro.

Stellar work.  8/10


Surreal Deal

Surreal Deal launches into a nice hats driven kick drum and a smooth reverbed female vocal, this is going somewhere I say as I then hear the buzzing, What’s this sound, like a buzzing you would have from on a wasp on a summers day trying to get your choc-ice, however this then transforms into multi-level jabs from the synth which sound great, our little wasp friend isn’t far behind however letting us know he isn’t going away. The break is a short and sweet affair and were away into the main break part of the track with a nice clap enthused echo. The break itself is superbly done, sonically everything melts away down to that nice spritely kick drum coming back in to take us on our way again.   The track is very well constructed, I would have like more happening in the 2nd half as the break was nice and dramatic. Our wasp friend was a little distracting, but maybe that’s just me and my age showing, and the childhood trauma of too many choc-ice’s being invaded on a summers day.



Review by – Pablo C  https://www.facebook.com/djpabloc
Radiate F book – https://www.facebook.com/radiatelabel/
Blue Amazon – https://www.facebook.com/blueamzon/
Louie Le fink – https://www.facebook.com/LouieleFink/

1. Fascinated (Original)
2. Fascinated (Techno Piggy Mix)
3. Sureal Deal (Original)

Cat – RAD002

Traxsource Exclusive Date – 18th May 18

Full Release – 1st June 18

Radiate – Continues its devolving picture with a creative collaboration between Blue Amazon & Louie LeFink. Louie Le Fink is a name that’s been growing in popularity for some time with his unique take on the modern Tech House sound.

He’s an artist that really combines a real crossbreed of Tech house and Techno influences in his music with
a great groove, cutting-edge synth work and overall infectious qualities.He originates from Argentina and one  that is very focused on the future rather than talking about where it all began/started and in his own words “The past is past, the present is RIGHT NOW”.

Blue Amazon requires little introduction these days whilst mustering many accolades in music production
that dates back to the early 90’s to present day. Recent Blue Amazon releases have included the latest
series of the Interpretations albums with Zak Gee, forthcoming singles with Mirabilis, remixes for such as
Lonya asymmetric label and more to follow.

The pairing of these two artists was very much born out of a relationship whilst releasing label projects
singular. However, the two have always been very supportive of each other music and it seemed very fitting
to piece some collective ideas together for a release.

There’s three tracks/mixes to choose from here starting with the title – Fascinated – which is supplied across
two different mixes to captivate different tempos and different energy. Both are full of groove and techno
influence without being too dark or too over-driven.The title – Sureal Deal – is more house driven with an emphasis on low-end frequencies, warehouse-stylegroove and sampling fx.