June 27, 2020 Off By Editor

There are moments like these when words are useless, ‘cos a release like this one can speak on its own, moreover unleash feelings, similar to back in the day.



A movement, a music strike, a way of life, and to me, something that lifts you up and has to be filled with joy too, ‘cos this is how we have to face life in general. Wear a smile, glow in & out, rave hard, and avoid hating.

This compilation album is a kind of personal expression, simultaneously celebrating my 10th anniversary and my proud projects of Generation X [RadioShow] and #GLOWBUZZ Vlog.

The real meaning of this release is the unbeaten music friendship and true support over the years between myself and every producer involved in it, as well as sharing our passion for Hardcore music. Nuskool Hardcore specifically, with the likes of Hardcore Breaks and Happy Hardcore.

And what’s the amazing team inside? Well:

Poland’s essential Nu-Rave king Nefti, UK’s Damage Inc. – being the best Hardcore Breaks mashup act, up to the Nu-Rave tune-machine Captain Paul Cronin, the Happy Hardcore duet of Insane & Mind, Rave Donk master Schnez, the OctaMED-passionate Amiga Breaks, and Monks & Mort high-class chemistry, to the ‘future of Hardcore’ with young producers Amaretto from Japan (23 yrs old) and TNO Project from Germany (21 yrs old), the Amen Breaks lover Pressure and b-boy Orestiz from Greece, Brazil’s Darkcore hope Beats Are Broken, to the son of energy Vitality from the US, and finally the Oldskool Rave aficionado Yudaidhun from Japan.

If you’re unaware of the evolution of Hardcore and its new arsenal of vibes, here’s a good chance to get familiar.

‘GLOWKiD pres. The Generation X Crew’ includes 15 fresh & exclusive unmixed tunes and is out on Intensive Recordings. Available on limited CD via Sonic Fortress shop ( on 20th March 2020 and in major Digital platforms on 3rd April 2020. Design is made by Greg Sin Key.


Words: GL0WKiD