Flashmob – Exclusive Interview

Flashmob – Exclusive Interview

August 16, 2019 Off By Editor

Alessandro Magani aka ‘Flashmob’ is a dynamic Italian artist DJ Producer who holds claim to co- producing a bonafide house classic that hails back to the origin al sounds that defined an era with the seminal release ‘Need in Me” whichhas had over 23 million YouTube plays . Today he’s as busy as ever in the studio and on the the decks playing extensively all over the world, he’s very much in demand, here’s what he up to now …

Mike Mannix: Flashmob it’s good to reconnect, can you tell us what you been up to on your busy schedule since we last hooked up with you?

Flashmob: Yes Mike,  I’ve released on Hot Creations, Glasgow Underground, Kompakt, Gigolo, Stereo and many more since we last spoke, so very busy working my way back to the top.

I think I’ve gone from a 430 ranking last year to being in the top 20 in 12 months in the Beatport Stats bestselling artists, so not bad. After what happened to me it was really hard to put myself back on track but I did it. I am very proud and happy to be strong and healthy again. I’ve been gigging a lot around the world and really feeling great. I’m also happy to see my Flashmob Records and Radio Show doing really well too.

MM: Tell us a bit about the latest EP and the initial inspiration behind it, what was key in the actual production process, from the sound design to the plugins and hardware?

FM: In my recent productions I start from the baseline and the kick and only then do I add some minimal rhythm elements. It’s very important that kicks & bass lines have the correct sound and frequencies before I start adding all the other production elements…

When I’m in my own studio I’m more relaxed so I have time to spend finding the right sound and feel and focus on the parts that will build my final production.

In this process, I use a lot of Native Instruments sounds and many more from Sylent1 which are essential at the moment for me right now. When I feel 100% sure I get in my Mini Cooper and drive to Gianni Bini in Tuscany to the House of Glass Recording Studio where I do the final mixdown of all my productions and where I can use nice and clean ears and plugins such as SLATE bundle, Waves, SSL, and ACUSTICA AUDIO. Obviously, in a studio like that, I can also access lots of outboards to add the analog flavour to the mix…

MM: What you got planned for the rest of the summer/autumn?

FM: I am off for a few weeks resting and moving house. I’m moving to a place out of the city now where I can relax more and do more sports. Then I am off to Darlington on the 21st September and headlining Xxxperience Festival the day after that in Brazil.

I am then doing Dagulinder Festival Rotterdam, District 8 in Dublin, Later Blau in Berlin, Rok Abflug Berlin, Amore Festival and many more.

On the production side of things my MANDY Jah Flashmob 2018 remix is out soon too then a new remix I did on Repopulate Mars and an EP on Sola should close the year. Thanks for the chat 🙂