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Words Mike Moggi Mannix

Introducing ‘Faoi Choim na hOíche’ – Under the Cover of Darkness


Welcome to a unique collaborative event in Cork [Ireland] inspired by the Electronic Music Council that combines audio-visual and immersive artistic experiences to highlight the profound impact of electronic music on both people and places. Join them for an unforgettable journey as they delve into the essence of modern music technology while drawing inspiration from Celtic mythology and ancient civilizations.

At the core of this event is an exclusive headline performance by Irish Techno heavyweight Hybrasil titled “Drones from the Island.” This extraordinary show weaves together elements from the past and present to create a visually stunning and sonically mesmerizing experience.

Embracing the spirit of community, this event also features a diverse art exhibition showcasing local artists and filmmakers.

“Through their work, they beautifully illustrate the themes of people and place in electronic music”


You are also invited the to participate in an ecstatic dance workshop, providing a chance to release and express themselves in harmony with the music. All of this magic will unfold within the enchanting surroundings of Cork City Hall, ensuring an immersive experience like no other, where the audience will feel transported into the world of electronic dance music and culture that celebrates the interplay between sound, vision, and movement in an extraordinary exploration of our shared human experience.

Their goal is to create an inclusive and captivating event that celebrates Cork’s electronic music culture, aiming to attract diverse audiences and elevate electronic music alongside traditional art forms. The event will explore themes of spaces, people, and immersive art experiences, aiming to forge a lasting connection with art and culture


Headline Act

Artist: Hybrasil


Project: Drones from the Island

Discipline: Audio Visual

Collaborators: Tom Hodgkinson (SHOP Bristol)

Irish Techno artist Hybrasil is currently working on an immersive audiovisual live show called “Drones from the Island.” Drawing inspiration from Celtic mythology, ancient civilizations, and modern music technology, this show promises a unique and captivating experience. Collaborating with Tom Hodgkinson of Bristol-based design studio SHOP, Hybrasil’s ‘Drones from the Island’ offers a visually stunning and sonically mesmerizing performance. This project is a must-see for electronic music fans and those interested in ancient cultures and technology.


Main Support

Artist: GRL & Cailin

Daniel Rrell Photography & Motion

GRL is a vinyl house DJ from Waterford, a concept created by the renowned vinyl techno DJ Cailin. During this event, Cailin will perform a special and never-before-seen set, starting with her house inspirations as GRL and transitioning into her renowned industrial electronic selections.

Hailing from Waterford, Cailín is celebrated for her dedication to DJing and vinyl-only style. She has gained recognition globally and is a two-time Boiler Room selector, earning her place among Ireland’s most respected DJs. With a residency at District 8 and Subject, Cailín has shared the stage with notable artists like Jeff Mills, Dave Clarke, Richie Hawtin, Ben Sims, Ben Klock, Paula Temple, and Dax J.


The Electronic Music Council Team


Dan Jo





The Electronic Music Council was founded in 2021 in response to the challenges facing the music industry and the night-time economy in Cork, consisting of a small, diverse core team supported by a wide network of local artists, DJs, promoters, and producers. Centered around rhythm and experiences, who are passionate about revitalizing Cork’s night-time economy by creating opportunities for growth and development.


Their mission is to foster a positive and sustainable electronic music economy in Cork by facilitating opportunities for growth and development.