Eclectrika Project Exclusive Interview

Eclectrika Project Exclusive Interview

March 25, 2022 Off By Editor

Mike Mannix: I’m here today catching up with the Eclectrika Project in Dublin once again to talk about their new events and gigs they have planned for this year after everything has been opened up. Nice one lads.


Mauro:  Thank you, Mike, it is good to be talking again with this interview with iconic underground, we are very happy to be here. Yes now that’s everything has opened up we are back to playing in many venues around Dublin.  And today we are here at  Pygmalion to talk to you about our recent gigs here which have been amazing.

Pierr:  Yes, thank you, Mike. It’s been a long time since we’ve had an interview. So Sunday night 14th March in Pygmalion was our 1st return to proper nightlife with an underground feel and our first gig here.  We had a few DJs playing with us for the whole night Djs from Ireland, Brasil, Greece, Italy Mhono Type, Ilias Skordilis, and Giuseppe Tota.


Mauro and Pierr, Eclectrika Project

Eclectrika: So we started at 4:00 p.m. and we were on the terrace and the energy even then was amazing.  At 9 o’clock we moved into the vaults of the infamous underground archers in Pygmalion.

The sound system is so good in there it’s something amazing, and 2 days later you still hear the sound in your head it’s that powerful. A lot of our friends were there everybody was happy filled with good energy.

It reminded us of Eclectrika a couple of years ago when we used to pack out Ri-Ra on a Sunday night


Mike Mannix:  Yes in fairness lads Eclectrika owned Ri-Ra on a Sunday night packed it out with hundreds of people, it was the busiest it had ever been on a Sunday night which you consistently did every weekend for a year or 2.

Eclectrika:  Yes thank you Mike it was amazing to be there every Sunday, many great memories.


Mike Mannix. So you were initially booked in Pgymallion for one Sunday a month starting on the 14th March?

Eclectrika: Haha yes and ended up doing 3 nights that same week there. Paul McGlade the owner rang us to say he was happy with our vibes. An amazing week which thankfully was St Patrick’s week as well, just wow.  They asked us to play for 13 hours on Paddies day also finishing up at 3 am Friday. Special thanks to the legendary Syl Black.

We had DJs, Nicolas, Heissone, Teche, Tota, and Pushee, on the lineup with us it was incredible!! Thank you, guys!

That week was so mental we felt like death afterward hahaha so so many parties!


Eclectrika Project at Pygmalion

Mike Mannix: That’s great lads, and you still got your residency at Opium as well?

Eclectrika: We are very much involved still with Opium every Sunday night with our usual selection. It has more laid-back vibes in beautiful surroundings. which gives us a bit of a different dynamic. We can introduce bands like Skakki Blues (blues & rock) who are a band on my (Mauro) label Elementum records, they are amazing and also GapataRumba, Locanda, and Hip Hop vibes with Charlie-M .

We have other creative activities around the music, like our vinyl market, and craft ware and sketch artists. We like to give new talent opportunities and we always invite new DJs to play.


Mike Mannix:  Well as your name suggests your sound is diverse and eclectic.  You are offering something very different to the dance music community than just DJs and are giving people a chance to get their name out there coming from slightly different musical backgrounds. A lot of diversity.

Eclectrika:  Yes the garden really allows us to do that because of its space the way it’s laid out it’s so beautiful it’s got that market vibe to it. We’ve been able to come up with some good interesting ideas because of the location of Opium. Thanks, Opium.


Mike Mannix:  That’s great what plans have you got coming up now lads for the next couple of months?

Eclectrika:  We are very happy at the moment with how our brand is building and have ao ur residency 3 Sundays month in Opium with new dates to be announced for Pypallion and we are looking at doing a one day festival Between the Spring in the summer. Will keep you posted. Thanks a lot Mike!


Ecletrika Project and Mike Mannix at Pygmalion