Dublin’s Big Dance Music Club Brand District 8 & Life Talks With Iconic Underground

Dublin’s Big Dance Music Club Brand District 8 & Life Talks With Iconic Underground

July 9, 2019 Off By Editor

Dublin’s Big Dance Music Club Brands District 8 & Life Festival Talks With Iconic Underground Magazine about their events and brand new venue and whats coming up this year…

Mike Mannix: Hey Fernando, great to catch up again. Can you fill us in on what happened in the aftermath of the closure of the home of iconic venue District 8?

Fernando: Well, Dublin is taking a break on super club shows at the moment. We thought small clubs would have benefited from that but we are finding that  the smaller and mid-sized clubs also face their own issues and it is not always easy to get them busy. We have done many mid-sized shows under our brand Index, when D8 was open and then after D8 closed, while numbers have remained steady, we haven’t noticed a huge difference.

MM: There is a great benefit both financially and culturally to a city with a thriving healthy nightlife when policies are made that support and encourage it, as can be seen in cities across the UK and Europe. What do you think needs to change here in Dublin?

F: Opening hours is the main issue. Having every club closing at the same time is not a good idea. Not saying that all the clubs should open until the small hours but at least the choice should be there. People should get behind and support Give Us The Night who are making steady progress in this area.

MM: Tell us about your big news with ‘Tribe’ and what it will mean for the clubbers and Dublin city?

F: The Tribe is a concept based more on the positive vibes and energy coming from the people attending and the surrounding environment as opposed to having  big names on the lineup. Leading the pack for alternative experiences is The Tribe, a musical collective geared toward creating communal moments of long-lasting magic and a connection to music. At a Tribe happening, you’ll find something inspiring happening in every corner. The multi-sensory experience  will bring deep house, jazz, chill house, and afro beats artists from around the world together to relish in something between a nightclub and a festival,

MM: What are your thoughts on this year’s Life festival?

F: We are quite happy with the event overall.

This year was the biggest one so far, and no major issues, looks like people behave and care of each other more and more.

The layout we tried out seems to work and the feedback from the punters is very good. Weather held and not having to deal with heavy rains is always half of the job done. There was a Big Wheel in the middle of the site and the view from the top of it was very cool. It is quite a sensation to see how the event grows and grows every year. Already planning the 2020 event (15th Anniversary of Life Festival)

MM: Whats planned for rest of the summer / year? 

F: Our main focus is the launch of District 8 in the new venue Jam Park. We are working very hard to announce a total of 20 shows for Q4 2019.

Also like every summer since 2015 preparations for our 1-day, Boxed Off Festival. This year we are moving to Punchestown, setting a new standard using the massive Events Centre that we hope can act as a reminder of some of the European techno events like Awakenings!