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A DJ crew from Dublin went over to play in club John Doe in Amsterdam recently booked by the Advanced Booking Agency based in Dublin. 

We caught up head honcho Silviu to get the blurb about the event, and interviewed all the DJs Sarah Lennox, Adrian Bilt & Patrick Dandoczi to get their take on it all.


Advanced booking Agency


Mike Mannix: Hey Silviu thank you for talking to us at IUM. Tell us about your own background dance music and how it inspired you.

Silviu: Hi Mike, thank you very much for the invitation and big respect for yourself and Iconic Underground Magazine. I started listening to Kraftwerk back home in Romania in the mid-90s. In the late 90s I then came to Dublin it was about 1999 and regularly attended nights in clubs from the likes of Spirit, The POD, Twisted Pepper and many more. Electronic music has always put me in a good state of mind and I knew that eventually, it would somehow become a part of my life.


MM: Why did you start the agency?

S: I started Advanced Booking Agency because I love electronic music and I like helping artists that I see coming up and have this talent and potential.

I’d like to discover even more talent in this country because we have lots of it here

All of the artists on my agency are top-class artists I have personally selected them with my team and have met with all of them individually, I truly know all my artists at Advanced can rock any venue at any time. My team and I continue to support all our artists because they deserve this from us big thanks to all the team, designers, video production/editing, social media image consultant, bookers, and managers Raul (RO), Vlad (UK), Julio (ES), Paul (RO), Vlad (RO)

MM: How did you arrange the event in Amsterdam and why?

S: Since the pandemic, I’ve been chatting to my friend Alex Sharp from the Undrgnd Collective in Amsterdam and he invited Advanced Booking Agency to collaborate with them at John Doe club, so we concluded the night’s plan, lineup, etc… and went from there. We had a great night there the vibe was right, the club was full, our artists (Adrian, Alex, Sarah, and Patrick) played smashing sets and everyone loved it.


MM: How do you see the scene in Dublin post covid?

S: I think after such a long time it’s great that things are picking up quickly for the nightlife in Dublin, it’s great to see our local guys making moves, I see a lot of big potential for Dublin as a city to become even more involved and supportive of our electronic music scene.


MM: What can we expect to see for Advanced booking Agency this Summer?

S: You can expect to see our artist playing at a great new festival this summer which we will talk about more closer to the date. We have been invited to Brazil in two different cities by our friend Erik Khalifa. Expect some amazing parties to come in Romania one being in Cluj at the excellent LEVEL 0 the leading Techno concept in Cluj, Romania a showcase presented in the most amazing industrial areas ran by our man Vlad Maxim aka Diffuse, we also hope to be hitting up Ibiza this year.


Patrick Dandoczi

Patrick Dandoczi John Doe Club Amsterdam

Mike Mannix: Thank you Patrick for talking to us at IUM. Tell us about your background and how you got involved in dance music.

Patrick Dandoczi: What’s good Mike? Thanks for the shout, I appreciate you and what you are doing with IUM. To tell you a little bit about my background and how I got involved, the truth is I grew up around electronic music, my whole family has always had a taste for Techno and all its sub-genres. I’ve been playing music since I was a kid, music ranging from house, tech house to techno and even Hard Techno, right now I’m stuck to Techno in my sets but also my productions focus on bass-driven techno with rich dubby chords and always keep it interesting in the groove.


MM: How were you approached to play this gig in Amsterdam, and how did you feel about it?

PD: I was on the way back to my place with my dad (Silviu) in the car a little bit over a month or so before the event and he came to me with the idea of playing in Amsterdam with my buddies Adrian Bilt and Sarah Lennox. And of course, hearing the news I was buzzing to be back in Amsterdam as I missed a savage boat part I was supposed to be playing at in July 2021 due to the restrictions in Amsterdam. The plus side is every time I go over its hopping, It was my first time back since 2019 I had a gig there before the pandemic hit in March.

Amsterdam always hits home when I’m playing there


MM: In 2 sentences tell us how you felt about your set and the vibe in the club?

PD: I closed the night with a 3-hour set, I only need a couple of words to explain how my set and vibe went down: Tasteful, Fast, Sexy, Groovy Techno. Hopping!!


MM: What are your thoughts on the Dublin scene post covid?

PD: To be honest It’s getting a hell of a lot better! I like seeing the new bookings that are being made in Dublin from the likes of Here&now/Index etc… I also like and appreciate how our local guys are moving also a big shout that I have to give is to Sam Greenwood from FourFour I love what he is doing with Cellar the whole concept is great.

I have to say cellar has the best sound system in Dublin I was there for the Eve and Sarah Lennox gig, haven’t had such a good night in Dublin in a long time. It’s great to see all these great Techno collectives Dublin has, huge for the Dublin scene, I hope we the curfew extension to 6 AM this year that is the next step for our nightlife


MM: What you got coming up?

PD: I’ve got lots of really good and special tracks lined up to drop for this year and 2023, I can’t wait to share them with you until a closer date to their release. I don’t want to give away much on what and where they are dropping, gig wise a few countries are lined up, I’m looking forward to this summer it’s going to be a good one for sure.


Adrian Bilt

Adrian Bilt John Doe Amsterdam

Mike Mannix: Thank you Adrain for talking to us at IUM. Tell us about your background and how you got involved in dance music.

Adrain Bilt: Hello Mike, first of all, I want to thank you for the invitation and for your time. To be honest with you I fell in love with electronic music when I was a young boy while listening to my brother’s Real to Real Tape Recorder music. The first track that got stuck in my head for years was Kraftwerk – The Robots to which eventually I paid a tribute by making a special edit version that I’m so happy to play these days whenever I get the chance.


MM: How were you approached to play this gig in Amsterdam, and how did you feel about it?

AB: As an Advanced Booking Agency Artist I was approached by the Manager to play a 3-hour opening set and of course, I got excited and accepted the invitation as I never got the chance to play in the beautiful city of Amsterdam.


MM: In 2 sentences tell us how you felt about your set and the vibe in the club?

AB: Loads of Djs find the opening sets not that important anymore but for me, this is something that I always loved to do. Opening the night and seeing people gradually standing up and dancing fills me up with the energy to keep me going further.


MM: What are your thoughts on the Dublin scene post covid?

AB: The music industry was badly affected by Covid as we all know, and people suffered from the closure of so many clubs/pubs. Slowly the Dublin scene is getting back to life, seeing already some big names playing.

The nightlife of Dublin seems to be more animated with the support of the government by extending the opening hours which I think is a brilliant idea


MM: What releases and gigs have you got coming up?

AB: I spend a lot of time in my home studio focusing more on producing music and still doing my weekly Sound Vibration radio show on Phever Tv-Radio Dublin. As we are speaking my remix for Marco Briguglia was released on Selectro Records and I’m also happy to announce my next EP coming out on Ole Groove in collaboration with Bunce and another one on Phunk Traxx including a remix from Coddy RO coming out at the end of May. I’m also working on some other projects and collaborations that I’m really looking forward to announcing and sharing the love of electronic music with you all. Peace and love yours Adrian Bilt !!!


Sarah Lennox

Sarah Lennox John Doe Amsterdam

Mike Mannix: Thank you Sarah for talking to us at IUM. Tell us about your background and how you got involved in dance music.

Sarah Lennox: As soon as I knew what decks were I wanted some. I was 16 getting my first set of Technics. I started going to raves with my eldest sister to Godskitchen and The Winter/Spring parties at The Point Depot. I was also lucky to experience the Temple Theatre before it shut so needless to say there was no turning back after that! After I finished school I did a DJ & Production course in B.I.F.E and have been involved in music ever since.


MM: How were you approached to play this gig in Amsterdam, and how did you feel about it?

SL: Advanced Booking Agency hooked me up with this one! Silviu had told me about this gig in 2021, we were supposed to go over it last year but it was postponed due to the pandemic, I personally couldn’t wait to get over as Amsterdam’s been on my bucket list for a while now.


MM: In 2 sentences tell us how you felt about your set and the vibe in the club?

SL: I was nervous and excited beforehand, I always get that butterfly feeling before a set. As soon as I entered the club the vibe was amazing, people were already loving it, my set couldn’t have gone better, not every day do I get to play a longer set so I really enjoyed it


MM: What are your thoughts on the Dublin scene post covid?

SL: Exciting times, The city is buzzing! I’ve been to Index & Button Factory a few times and it’s just so good to see clubbers being able to be out again. I’m seeing loads of festivals being announced which is also needed due to the lack of clubs. Also,

I’ve been and played in the new Cellar club and I’d give it 10/10 for its vibe and its sound system. People need to go check it out


MM: What you got coming up?

SL: I’m in the studio a lot focusing on more releases and I’m working on a little project, can’t say too much yet, more will be announced soon. Thanks for the interview 😉