DKult & Twist3d – Sulphate [Bass Tune Records]

DKult & Twist3d – Sulphate [Bass Tune Records]

March 14, 2017 Off By Iconic Underground

Title : Sulphate
Artists : DKult and Twist3d
Label : Bass Tune Records
Release Date : 10/04/2017

Review by Carl Antony

We’ve all been there before. Looking for some stomping techno to fuel our sets with but you end up trawling through release after release of the usual sounds and all you want is that track to add extra spice and that bit of difference to your set. Well, look no further as this release not only gives you the added spice that you need but also comes with an array of different remixes from Paul Cazenave, A-Brothers, Diarmaid O’Meara, GO!DIVA and ReDub to further fuel your sets with.

Sulphate – Original Mix : This is a chugging, pounding workout of a track. Straight from the off into a heavy tribal techno affair. Make no mistake this is a track designed for the peak time of a rave. Heavy synths start to appear in the mix later on in the track but it’s the energetic drums that fuel this track from start to finish.

Sulphate (Paul Cazenave Remix) : This is a little less driven than the original but still maintains a nice building pace from the start. Airy synths start to whisp around the track as it progresses and a subtle arp whirrs under the track. A massive heavy synth start to dominate proceedings and when the track drops, it drops with a BANG!! The track then happily chuggs along with driven drums and heavy synths. As the track starts to come to a close a twisted arp starts to creep in and the track drives on to the finish.

Sulphate (A-Brothers Remix) : This remix is rave personified. Big chunky synths, big drums and for an extra measure the typical rave hoover synth is thrown in! Expect throbbing heavy synths, hoovers, chugging drums and crashes galore on this remix. HUGE!!!

Sulphate (Diarmaid O’Meara Remix) : This is a heavy broken beat techno track that is not for the fainthearted. This one is for those that love off the wall, mental techno. Crashes and synths fill the whole sound spectrum of the track. This remix will give you nightmares!! Darkness personified!

Sulphate (GO!DIVA Remix) : This remix heads back into more familiar 4×4 techno territory. Bouncy drums and the heavy, deep synth from the original track, and which features in all the remixes, roll around the track. The track drops into a twisted arp and relentless kickdrums which build and then drop back into the main track. Arps, deep synths and bouncy drums then roll the track along to finish.

Sulphate (ReDub Remix) : The ReDub remix is a full on 4×4 assault. Chunky driven drums pretty much from start to finish. This remix is made for a sweaty basement and will definitely keep the dancefloor chugging along!!

DKULT & TWIST3D – Sulphate EP, BTR008 by Bass Tune Records