December 9, 2022 Off By Editor

A fresh turning point in the Irish dance music scene kicked off in the Sugar Club recently, with the combined effort of District 8 Clubbing brand and the Elevator music production program.

It brought together many faces in the scene to discuss career options, whats happening currently and ways to push the scene forward as we emerge from the post covid wilderness.

After a successful day we asked a few of the speakers and attendees to voice their opinions.

Mike Mannix Editor Designer


We were super happy with the first edition of the District 8 Academy. It was amazing to see such great numbers in attendance and for everyone to enjoy a fantastic day of questions, answers, discussion and networking.We are already working on the next edition and presenting an ongoing annual event that we aim to grow in the coming years. We are really excited for the future of the District 8 Academy and hope that it will continue it’s mission, to deliver a platform to inspire and motivate those who seek a career in an industry that we love so much! We look forward to sharing our plans soon!

Martin Smyth District 8


The collaboration between The Elevator Program and District 8 was amazing. I saw a community of inspired and aspiring artists of all ages group and get supercharged and motivated for a bright future in the music industry. For sure we will continue see a influx of great new electronic music artists come out of Ireland and transition out into the global scene.

REOSC  Artist / Community Manager / Instructor Elevator Program


The District 8 Academy was such an enjoyable initiative. Something that made D8 standout as a club was that it drew many types of club fans – young and old – who wanted and expected a certain level of quality in Dublin.

While D8 currently has no home, it still has a community, and I hope that the type of shared discussion and learning that took place at the Sugar Club will only grow from here.

We need more people talking to each other, planning for the future, and helping to make the city a more inspiring place. It feels like this event will be a really beneficial fixture in the yearly calendar, and I look forward to seeing how Will Kinsella and District 8 develop it from here.

Sunil Sharpe  DJ Public Figure



Constructive and very important for Irish electronic music and night life.

Pierr  DJ Promoter


A very important milestone for the dance music scene in Dublin and Ireland.

DJ Dr Flamer  Promoter


This event marks a pivotal point in the evolution of the underground scene in Ireland because its a passion as well as a business!

Mattew Mondo DJ / IUM