November 24, 2022 Off By Editor

Words reposted from Michael James Facebook page


Well, folks, parade sponsor Gardner White HEARD you – and at the 11th hour sent a message stating that Belleville Three member Derrick May, a man who has never satisfactorily answered allegations that he raped and sexually assaulted nearly two dozen women worldwide over the past three decades – WILL NOT BE A PART OF THE 2022 festivities!!!


On this Thanksgiving Day, the third anniversary of my quest to tell the world who Derrick May is when no one’s looking, I cannot thank enough all of you who took the time to reach out to make sure that, finally, the right thing happened.


In addition, I’d like to thank each and every woman who publicly came forward and shared their stories of assault at May’s hands to reporters Ellie Flynn and Annabel Ross from DJ Mag and Resident Advisor, respectively, back in 2020. This triumphant moment to shut down a predator who has thrived in the shadows for DECADES could not happened without you.


Now, I don’t consider this a total victory, because, shamefully, Detroit media has remained silent on their favorite son no matter how many salacious tales have been shown regarding Derrick May, but I guess we have to take our victories where we find them.


BTW, the fact that May has been removed from the parade SHOULD be covered by Detroit media, but I wouldn’t suggest anyone hold their breath waiting on that one.


Last, but certainly not least, I would like to thank parade sponsor Gardner White and its president/part-owner, Rachel Tronstein Stewart, for doing the right thing when so many others have not. You have done more to protect women from predatory men than you know. I hope the city of Detroit rewards your iconic brand by by patronizing your stores on Black Friday – even if they don’t need new furniture.


That said, I would again like to thank you all – everyone around the world who took a stand – and to my American family who will not have to see this man rewarded on television across 185 U.S. markets on this special occasion, a heartfelt Happy Thanksgiving!

– MJ

P.S. Enjoy the parade! 😀