Dave Clarke Delivers Time-Warping Techno in Dublin’s Biggest Club: Index

Dave Clarke Delivers Time-Warping Techno in Dublin’s Biggest Club: Index

September 29, 2023 Off By Editor

Review Cathy Brookes 

Edited Mike Moggi Mannix

Last Saturday night, in Dublin’s biggest club, Index, the crowd was immersed in a sonic time warp of gritty, dark, and pounding techno.


We [the two Cathys]  had been looking forward to this all week and couldn’t wait to see what Index had done with their brand new home in the old Opium, and to hear proper banging Techno in a big club once again in Dublin.

When we arrived, Irish vinyl prodigy Cailin was in full flow, her sublime tight mixing igniting the decks with her ferocious dancefloor slammers, delivering a savage performance.

When Blawan took to the stage, a multitude of people gathered behind him, surrounding him like a scene out of Boiler Room. For us old-school Dublin heads, it was reminiscent of the Red Box, where ravers used to take over the stage. However, Blawan’s set had its ups and downs; the energy dipped after Cailin, but it still hit the right notes, with the crowd into it.

Dave Clarke Dublin City Back Drop artwork Mike Moggi Mannix

But it was the headliner Dave Clarke who truly upended the place, delivering a set that took us back to the heydays of Red Box in Dublin’s iconic club, POD, whopper atmosphere  included!

Clarke’s legendary curated track selection was delivered with an infectious smile from the Baron. When he finally wrapped it up at 3 AM the entire venue was screaming “One more tune, one more tune!” while Clarke recorded every moment on his phone.

[Video Gabriel Parulava]

Outstanding set atmosphere and vibe.

One of our friends, ‘Floody,’ who was there with us, summed the night up succinctly when he said,

“That was just a beautiful noise, wasn’t it?”

Looking forward to more of what Index will deliver this autumn/winter!

The Baron Dave Clarke photo Gav Breakdata