DaGeneral Review: Lindy CROMO NCX-100 Headphones

DaGeneral Review: Lindy CROMO NCX-100 Headphones

January 7, 2017 Off By Iconic Underground

DaGeneral Review: Lindy CROMO NCX-100 Headphones

Another good week in the DaGeneral studio and another nice pair of headphones to review, this time from Lindy courtesy of Napthine Porter.

I was quite impressed with packaging on the pair of CROMO NCX-1000, to open and be presented with a good quality hard case to protect the headphones, which is my preference when it comes to headphone protection.  Now I appreciate that some may think ok it comes with a hard case but for me it’s the little things that matter for the overall review process rather than yes they sound good!


Opening the box and instantly pulling out the headphones as I can see instantly that the build quality here wasn’t overlooked they are a very sturdy pair of nice looking headphones. I can instantly see and feel that these hard-wearing headphones look great and just won’t break easily which of course for me means value for money.


So, time to do some testing, putting the headphones on they were very comfortable which is a great bonus compared to some headphones I have tried in the past. The comfortable head band which is adjustable from the cups fitted nicely across my head.  Playing a recent few dance tracks flicking between the 3 options on the headphones to test if these work as expected was also quite impressive.  The 3 modes are OFF, ANC, BASS which are standard, active noise cancellation, and bass boost respectively.   The active noise cancellation does a great job which is a bonus in my line of work of course as a DJ so would really like to give these a test run in one of my next B Se-Lek tive club events.  The only down side to this of course as the headphones need to be powered by 3 x AAA batteries to make use of the active noise cancellation, and bass boost options.  Another thing to point on the noise cancellation is that it hasn’t affected the sound quality coming through the headphones which can be an issue with new companies trying to introduce noise cancellation into their products, so big respect to Lindy for pulling this off with ease.


Listening to a big techno track to see if it can pull the frequencies for all the different ranges without being cloudy of course is a big part of headphones for myself, and I was happy to hear the tracks with good clarity with no apparent issues at all.

Conclusion on the headphones are very good quality headphones at an excellent price range, you can only beat these headphones for performance in my humble opinion if you buy similar headphones at around double the price.  Therefore, I would like to say if your budget is around £100 for a pair of headphones do check these out as you will not be disappointed.

DaGeneral Rating: 8/10

Purchase them from LINDY £94.99 INC VAT