Come Together Manchester Event – Blaise Jam

Come Together Manchester Event – Blaise Jam

October 5, 2018 Off By Editor

It’s only in times of trouble that you really know who your friends are and find out which people are genuinely good souls. One of Manchester’s adopted sons, Chris Jam of the Jam MCs is going possibly through the hardest test anyone can endure.

Blaise, his 6 year son unfortunately has been diagnosed with aggressive brain tumours.

Blaise is in the centre of the image

Blaise is in the centre of the image

Chris along with Tomlyn have probably given you some of the best nights of your life at The Gallery, The Thunderdome, Konspiracy, Spike Island and the Blackburn Raves to name just to name a few historically important events that our scene grew from.

It is all of our turn now to give Chris something back for all the joy he has brought. We owe him big time…let’s show him exactly how important he is to us and support his family through this unimaginable time.

Words from Chris

“Blaise was diagnosed with a tumour the size of a satsuma on Sept 2017 and he has endured surgery, 12 weeks of chemo & 27 days of radiotherapy that has ravaged his skin, hair, appetite and spark yet so far has not significantly vanquished tumours. If anything his tumours appear to be behaving more aggressively than his partial diagnosis.

Our little man is being so brave and Centred in the midst of a bewildering storm, especially as we can see that underneath he is scared and does not really understand what is happening to him nor why.

He still loves to party, climb, boogie, floss, jump ninja, footie, Lego, Xbox. Though somedays and moments more than others.”

Some of Manchester’s finest have all come together to put on a one of a kind event to help raise funds with all proceeds going to Chris and his family.

Everyone that’s involved are gladly giving their time for the cause. To show your support for this event, you can either join us or you can buy a donation ticket if you can’t make it.

DJs Playing On The Night

Chad Jackson (Hacienda)

Darren Partington (808 State)

Mark XTC (Mix Factory)

Jay Wearden (Thurderdome,Hippos)

Jam Mcs (Konspiracy)

Steve Dobson (Connies Acid House)

Andy Jay (Skam records)

Loction –

The Whiskey Jar

14 Tariff Street,
M1 2FF Manchester,
United Kingdom

For more information follow the event page here