Clockwork Orange [Live] O2 London – 2017

Clockwork Orange [Live] O2 London – 2017

September 19, 2017 Off By Editor

Promoters – Danny Gould,  Andy Manston

Clockwork Orange – there’s always a reason to get peeled off, juiced up and messy – Mike Moggi Mannix

I don’t think either Gouldy or Manky could have imagined the momentum that it would have gathered 5 yrs later. Keep it as is, nobody wants this fire to die out – James Taylor

Review – [End of Summers Nights Dream]

Surina Agar

So, with all the recent goings on in the capital you’d be forgiven for thinking that the turn out wouldn’t be as strong as usual but this is the Orange Army, so of course we all turned out ready to party at a new venue.

Security was tight, the only thing missing for me at the door was the lovely Danny Gould (one half of the promoter duo) and the beautiful Lisa Jo to meet and greet us all.

Looking out for a new venue big enough for us all to party with a capacity of 3000 is a big ask, and they came up trumps with a great British iconic Building 6 at the 02 was definitely a good choice!

it was bloody hilarious watching spandangled people mouthing ‘I’m horny’ when they had eyes going in different directions and their jaws were swinging! – Jeni Swanchops

We got in there early enough at 8 bells to listen to Owen Clarke warm up [great set with some rocking tunes]   the venue didn’t take long to fill up!

The set up on stage with the flawless production was slick, watching great video clips of this years Clockwork Oranges Ibiza escapades in the background, the DJs on stage bought back amazing memories for the clockwork regulars and K-Klass were ”Klass”, memories.

did anyone else flash up as high risk? – Peter Noddy

Much more than a party the clockwork nights allows those who met through clockwork to catch up whether they have been going for the last 24 years or just since last year, there were a lot of new smiling faces who had heard of the legendary nights. One lad I spoke to had heard of the night from friends of his parents and he and his friends had saved up, got tickets, and found their groove in a space on the downstairs dance floor and stayed there all night giving it the large!

The club had an amazing outdoor terrace with beds reminiscent of Ibizas massive beach party for lounging around on. Even the police presence joined in on the clocky festivities by being good sports and posing for shots, as one reveller said ‘I’m actually reassured by the police presence they were cool and obviously were enjoying the music!

 …. realise you’re winning in life because the parents all think they are hip and happ’ning but you smile smugly when you realise YOU are actually the cool customer because YOU are part of the Orange Army… they are wannabes! TictacSara Goulden

Upstairs Room 2 was playing its usual soulful sounds, and the crowd in there danced to some amazing tunes a great set by James Parker had the crowd singing along and got things really rocking.

Downstairs Andy Manston (the other half of the promotion team) played an unusually early slot but played a powerful set accompanied by Bongo Ben the production and lighting to accompany it was amazing.

For me there is no party like a clockwork party as it’s more than a gathering it’s more like family!- Surina Agar

The line up as usual included top world class DJs who spoilt us all with a mix of old skool and new tunes with a bit of scratching thrown in, the individual sets will be available for free to keep us going till the next one!After the long cold winter we will all be looking forward to the 25th anniversary celebrations kicking off in March next year with the next chapter, and then the legendary Ibiza in the summer which just gets more and more amazing year by year, one thing is certain whatever these boys do it’s going to be epic!

Massive THANK YOU to all those involved for putting in an amazing effort for the clockwork crew!


And we leave the last words to Clockwork Orange…………..

We are the radio rentals, the odd balls in square pegs, the slightly disjointed with oodles of wisdom and the funniest of bones, learnt both the easy and the hardest of ways, been to somewhere and back, The children of Ibiza and the grandparents of House, WE are the Orange Army…….xx