Clockwork Orange Beach Party 2017

Clockwork Orange Beach Party 2017

August 27, 2017 Off By Editor

Ssshhh if you were there you were there, with the biggest crowd ever at a not so secret beach party, with members of the friendliest, soundest, maddest, Orange Army going absolutely ballistic on the sun scorched sand, dancing and thriving their bodies to pulsating beats pumping from the biggest sound system I’ve ever seen on a beach, and it was scorchio up at 35 degrees and nobody gave a fuck cos everyone was already  Hotttt!

With a whos who of international DJs kicking out the best euphoric uplifting house from the last 3 decades over 13 hours, it was marked for greatness and is one to remember (how will this be topped next year?) As they say pictures speak a 1000 fucking words, so feast your mince pies on this lot!

Massive thanks to Danny & Andy and everyone involved in creating this unforgettable vibe and old skool atmosphere we’re

all you have seen is a sea of smiley happy people going nuts!! …

Thanks to the 100’s of picture submissions soz we couldn’t get em all in, see yaz next year – Mike Moggi Mannix (Editor)

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