Blue Amazon Mix Competition Entries List

Blue Amazon Mix Competition Entries List

May 11, 2020 Off By Editor

Following on from our recent post regarding the opportunity to provide a 60 or 90 minute mix of iconic UK DJ Producer Blue Amazon oroginal tracks and remixes, we have picked the 10 entires below – the winning DJ will feature in a 2 page spread in print and digital in iconic underground magazines summer issue + £100 token prize and will be considered (along with any other strong entries) for mixing a commercially released compilation mix album later in the year and will have their mix featured on Frisky Radio


Entry Artist Name


Hall North

Elaine Robbins

Jimi Falconer,

Nathan Jennings

Ed lee,

Mauro Quinto


Gabriel Floriani

Andy wild



Your final mix will need to be returned to us no later than the 13th of June – delivery instructions will be given



Before entering please consider the outline and criteria of the mix standard. We would like you to see this as a great opportunity to showcase a produced mix to a high standard equal to a commercially released mix album. The mix doesn’t have to be recorded live and can be produced using software if preferable and using software FX.

You can edit the tracks down to smaller lengths, mix/mash between them, edit or cut between mixes/versions in a creative way, loop sections, or smoothly mix them together.
A lot of the tracks and remixes carry a longer playing length and creating edits or hot cue style mixing will be appreciated as much as a smoother transition.

You have your creative freedom


Further guides and rules


1: None of the materials or files supplied for the competition use can be used or shared outside of the competition. This includes uploading files to web portals, sharing files with friends or others.


2: Your final mix entry or winning mix can not be shared on portals unless agreed by us and will remain exclusive to our Mixcloud upload, magazine, and Frisky radio feature.


3: Your mix entry must be supplied as a Wav file – minimum 16 bit – 44.1k file – 24 bit + also acceptable


4: Your mix entry must be recorded with headroom space and cannot peak over 0 dB – preferably at least -3 dB headroom as we will master the DJ mix.


5: If you are drawn as one of the 10 DJs to enter, you can also suggest specific Blue Amazon titles or remixes of your own choice if not already in the pool of materials.


6: You can’t use more than 4 original Blue Amazon tracks/titles in your recording and this includes other remixes of the same titles,

Example  – Using Blue Amazon – No Other love (original) & also Blue Amazon – No Other Love (Hernan Cattaneo remix) counts as two Blue Amazon titles unless mixed/merged together as one track in your mix. You can use as many Blue Amazon remixes of other artists as you like.

7: if you are an artist/production team duo, you can enter as your artist name.