Blue Amazon – Join In Love [Se-Lek Music]

Blue Amazon – Join In Love [Se-Lek Music]

August 26, 2016 Off By Iconic Underground

Blue Amazon – Join In Love EP [Se-Lek Music]

Bageera Rating: 9/10

Blue Amazon and Oliver Lieb are names that are steeped in history in house and techno music so it was with great anticipation and excitement when asked to review this new ep.

The title track “Join the love” opens with cool bassline , before cyborg type vocoders are introduced, and then towards the break the main synth part very old school sounding casio type riff’s that drive this track along very nicely indeed. Some very groovy percussion work throughout also helps keep the momentum of the track with some great breaks very much with an ear to days gone but still with today’s high production value.

Oliver Liebs remix keeps the same kind of vibe using the main part but only really snippets off them, it Grooves along nicely before a lush pad is introduced that opens up towards the break that builds sweetly, the break has the anticipation of something big, and roll’s along with pad opening up and piercing acid squelches till the drop which you can imagine will set dancefloors on fire. This is a peak time remix designed for the more discerning dance floors.

The fix has same tight production values but a more house type feel to the track from the swinging hats and laser fx,s before a moody stab drives the track on , it’s still in keeping with old school type sounds acid squelches and little break beat fill’s that keep this little number grooving throughout.

Dageneral’s remix of The fix is keeping with old school values of this ep but adding in some extra vox snippet’s which help the groove bounce along nicely whilst a filtered piano eases itself into the mix and weaves and bobs in and out throughout track and keep’s the strong groove till the end.

Zak gee’s Tr-8 remix start’s with Detroit type pad and some raw sequenced drum patterns over sporadic fx hit’s and a lovely warm house bassline. The main piano stabs continue the groove towards the breakdown which is huge in its build and old school type acid action and percussion. Definitely one for the acid generation!

Kiz Patterson’s bolted remix finishes up this quality ep with some regimented drum patterns, Kris uses the bassline to maximum effect in this remix opening up some more acid type sounds that build till the slow down break which has a very Lil louis type sound to it along with the big acid squelches puncturing the bassline along with some class snare action. Overall this is a great little ep from Se-Lek and goes to show that this is a label on the rise in the techno/house scene and this release will do the label no harm as it progresses towards new and innovative music.

Quality ep, that has one ear in the past the other in the future!

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