ANNA – Artha EP (Turbo Recordings)

ANNA – Artha EP (Turbo Recordings)

August 28, 2016 Off By Iconic Underground

ANNA – Artha EP (Turbo Recordings)
DaGeneral Rating 9/10

I am a big fan of ANNA so super happy to review the next offering from Turbo Recordings coming in the 16th September. We have a 2 track EP from of course ANNA and I expected some top work, and for sure I wasn’t disappointed.

Artha – This first track is superb from the outset building into what I can only describe as a magical synth sound, in-line with the happy percussion work moving throughout the track. With great use of fills and atmosphere going into the main break keeps you interested in the track. The main break with the use of the synth and fx is really great stuff. I could keep going on about this track up until the end as it’s nearing perfection.

When It Rains – The second track on this EP is again great work but with a different feel to it. Once again though the synth and percussion is bang on the button. Building up until the main break into a transient state of mind that will have you floating around into atmospheric sounds and building percussion getting ready to take you on another journey. If this is what happens when it rains let’s not complain about the weather in the future.

Final thought is go and get right onto this on release date for a worthy purchase.

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Release date: September 16, 2016
Digital only.
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EP release date:
16 September 2016