Blue Amazon – Four Seasons [Se-Lek Musik]

Blue Amazon – Four Seasons [Se-Lek Musik]

October 9, 2017 Off By Iconic Underground

Artist – Blue Amazon – Title – Four Seasons
Label – Selek-Musik – Release Date – 9-10-2017 – Cat – SELEK040

Hey all, I have great pleasure in reviewing today’s little monster E.P from Blue Amazon. BA presents us with 4 outstanding remixes of what was already a massive release back in the 90’s.

Four Seasons was originaly released 22 years ago which at the time had massive support from the likes of Sasha , John Digweed & Dave Seaman to name just a few. With having a strong european Techno style, the track soon became largely selected by many more artists around the globe. Those familiar with the original release will certainly appreciate the work that has been done for the remixes which we will now push on to check out!

Blue Amazon – Four Seasons (Blue Amazon & Zak Gee Fifth Season Remix)

With having a snappy solid hitting kick drum and very punchy and dominant snare hits, this track shapes up as gold against our modern sound. The vibe from the overall production is superb and really draws the listener into the mix. Reverb control is certainly a key point with the percussion as things really do have the desired depth required. We are introduced to some amazing elements of FX throughout the track which add character and variety of sound. The vocals within the track have been processed beautifully with delays and key changes adding the perfect harmony. The track as a finished produce comes with quality and technical ability. A superb remix to kick things off.

Blue Amazon – Four Seasons (Miki Mad Remix)

Some 90’s styled open hats and a more punchy kick drum introduce this remix. We are soon introduced to some very strong vocal work which add a lot of power to the mix. 90’s has surely a large part to play in this remix but in a modern state. An almost pipe styled reverbed synth pluck rides through the track with such character. Some strings flow on the sides keeping things full. The breakdown on this mix has a lot going on with great melodic structure which continues from the drop. Another awesome remix to the original. The plucked out hits on the synth with this mix stand tall and proud.

Blue Amazon – Four Seasons (Hiratzka & Cheung Remix)

This track really changes the game with superb panning work on each element. The spacing on each sound is simply unreal. Keeping things strong and mono as far as the kick and sub go and really stretching out the possibilities of wideness with each other element above 200Hz. This is one mega creative remix. Stutter FX takes place with the vocals which really are outstanding. Every area of the spectrum has simply been utilised whithin and with very careful spacing and panning this track offers so much that really needs to be heard to trully understand! amazing work!

Blue Amazon – Four Seasons (Dageneral & Bageera Remix)

An almost balaeric styled take on this remix. Dark dominant sub and bass with superb percussion control. Wide spread vocal ‘Ahhhhs’ and central controlled vocal phrases keep this track very interesting. Harmonic melodic chord hits give off an almost deep house vibe which is suitably controlled with the dark presence of the bass throughout keeping things tech. Everything remains calm and collective throughout the entire mix and transitions flow like water. A very steady paced and controlled remix from the pair who have been making there mark all around the tech spectrum.

Superb work on this already superb track released back in the 90’s. I really do enjoy review day and this EP is exactly why that is. I would say this release has offered exactly what the original deserved wouldnt you agree? share your thoughts and be sure to support this outstanding take on an already well cemented release – Four Seasons from Blue Amazon. Purchase your legal copy and show your friends what they are missing!

Craig Brogan Rating 10/10