BinaryFunction – USER EP Review

BinaryFunction – USER EP Review

June 6, 2017 Off By Editor

Craig Brogan

BinaryFunction – USER EP Review

Ok let’s cover those areas you haven’t heard yet, or maybe you have? Let’s see shall we.

Ok so this story goes a little further back, to a time we call the 80’s, yes! You can already take the word ‘Talent’ from that statement alone! This is no newcomer to the scene! Influences came from such artists as BreakMachine.official, Rock Steady Crew and Malcolm McLaren. Becoming immersed by the art of the Hip Hop DJ.

Fast forward 10 years or so BinaryFunction – found himself producing music from around 1995 and finishing first place in a DMC World DJ Championships competition. Becoming the first underground DJ on the island of #Mauritius and regularly playing in most of the islands biggest clubs.

That’s not all though, this artist earned his place to warm up the wheels for the one and only Laurent Garnier around 1998 on a neighboring Island #Reunion. With heavy influences over those years coming from the likes of. Public Enemy, LL Cool J and Run DMC. Hip hop was always hot in his nature after many years of spinning and only increasing on what became a very creative talent. Nurturing his own sound and Waiting for the opportune moment to release his music throughout this time brings us to right where we are.

Behold, Binary Functions Debut EP ‘USER’ released on London-based label Bade Records set for release June 5th 2017. With such an interesting background and introduction to this artist it would be a great time now to take you all through the new EP and what to expect from this long awaited craft.

First up we have the leading track on the EP release – ACKF1N
Ok so now you know of the strong Hip Hop influences, these influences kick this track along nicely from the beginning with a very clean warm and not overly busy Acid roll. A gentle yet satisfyingly moving set of hats start to roll around with the already becoming dominant acid roll.

We hit 2 minutes into the track to be introduced to a short spell of clean 90’s styled open hats that lead is to our first break. Gently the acid roll plays around calmly in its space, if I haven’t already mentioned by now the spacing on these samples are pretty sold, you’re getting that 3D environment kicking into gear. Moving from the break you can expect to hear things become a little more lively and energetic, things are getting a little lift and the acid sample is really getting to shine as it lifts up higher and higher! More 90’s hats!

Oh yes! Energy pouring through! a couple more short clever breaks tame things back beautifully before re-introducing those awesome 90’hats, now would be a great time to compliment the solid kick drum with its accompanying drums, and punchy snare hits. All instruments are very snappy and hitting clean! The energy returns through the track and boy this is a solid piece of production right here!

The production on this track is of high quality but I think the more important thing to think about is just how clever the track overall as a piece has been performed. You’re getting your energy pumping through cleverly within sections and there is no sign of over use to this, things subtly settle in a perfect transitional manner keeping things entirely controlled as one solid track! You gotta check this for yourself!

Next up on what is setting out to be a very unique sound from Binary Function we have – COntrOL

Ok space!! Ambience, suspense, it’s all happening as we are introduced to the track. Darkness pours over this awesome intro with a very soft in the back acid loop teasing us by holding way back. The use of FX being really a dominant factor at this stage. Stabs and shots enlighten our already amused ears as our lovely hats make an appearance. Those FX hits are so intense and powerful. Where are we now?

ACID has cut right through and took lead of the movement whilst a dark very strong punch of kick joins in on the fun. Its breakdown time and we have awesome use of panning on various samples, more dominantly the already mentioned ACID sounds which are getting really busy now darting around in an awesome 360 fashion. Darkness has approached us and now we are treated to some production skill level which surely stands out with the careful placement of open and closed hats, things are getting a little tripper and in a very good way. The track smoothly declines in energy and sails its way calmly to a close.

A dark presence with all that acid and FX awesome hats, and you’re still reading this? Aren’t you already playing it again? I surely will be!

3rd and by no means least on this very well shaped up EP we find ‘CONF1GERROR’

Ok straight off we focus on movement, kick drum and subtle closed hats keeping things riding along whilst we have yet more beautifully placed FX. Wait didn’t I mention acid? Well it’s certainly here! The rhythm on this sound is different from the others, and creates a very relaxing but moving groove! This is the moment we all drop our heads and close our eyes as progression has taking an interest here also. Progressing really well with the occasional clap shot to one side whilst the FX keep moving around that acid god of a lead. As I say this is a calmer acid sound with subtle rises at times where this is most needed and what a great job done to! Everything is kept interesting and the movement never really leaves us. There’s a strong driving presence coming from the bassline throughout.

A more progressive sounding track and certainly dark! The FX used are just so perfect. Swooshing side to side and strong ambience! Well that wraps things up for this outstanding first debut from our friend Binary Function! With all those years of knowledge behind him already as a DJ you can only imagine the amount of things he learnt regards production on the way. And I for one will have no problem stating here that he has picked the perfect time to introduce us to his sound and furthermore his skills as a producer.

A massive congratulations to Binary Function aka Paul Panik, it was a pleasure to review your debut release and I can only see more and more of your nurtured sounds pouring right across the board!

Well you have managed to read this review and I really do hope that you grasped the content of each track just by reading over how I experienced this wonderful EP. I hope you enjoyed this as much as I did. I’m pretty sure Binary Function will be too busy celebrating right now so we can share his celebrations by purchasing the gorgeous EP at all major stores. As earlier stated this goes on release June 5th and you just have to purchase a legal copy ASAP Go on…. off you pop.

Craig Brogan Rating 9/10 well done.