Ame – Kristian Beyer – Factory 010 [Rotterdam]

Ame – Kristian Beyer – Factory 010 [Rotterdam]

February 24, 2018 Off By Editor

Review – EM

Ame’- Kristian Beyer – Factory 010 [Rotterdam] – 16th February

What better present can you give yourself for a birthday when your very fond of the Innervisions label and their sound?  How about all-nighter DJ set from Ame – Kristian Beyer? Hmmm

So Friday 16th of February I landed in Rotterdam where local event promoter, Modular Music celebrated their 5th anniversary. After a few drinks I arrived before midnight just across the famous Erasmus Bridge in Factory 010. Passed up fast moving queue and pretty strict (for Netherlands!) got inside where a huge elevator took me up to the tenth floor just on the top of the massive building. As soon as I got off the lift the spectacular view of the city hit me thought the small windows in the corridor.Factory 010 is a place that cannot be missed. The main room has a concrete space with an industrial feeling, and quality sound system and hell I mean it! Huge pipes go through the walls into the ground and between them stands are built. Around the entire dance floor is a balustrade, accessible via a staircase. From above there is a nice view of the dancing crowd and spectacular lighting. It was my second time in this place so was no point to waste my time touring around, exchanged some euro for magic tokens and ran on the dance floor.

The boss was already there, “preparing” the road to unknown or maybe “drawing” personal map for each of us?  But these deep sounds were promising something special and I was very very curious what story will Kristian tell me this time. The crowd around me was getting bigger from minute to minute; everyone was ready for a magical trip. I closed my eyes and let him take me ….

I’m sure nobody was left disappointed. Don Beyer was mixing so many different styles effortlessly, the way he can only do, serving tunes to our dreams. All night long, constantly teasing me with instrumental basslines, mixing sensual and soulful tracks with melodic techno. The full dance floor was grooving the whole time but I felt like it was only music and me in the entire club – simultaneously forcing my body to dance.

7 hours of pure pleasure! Still not sure when this night passed, before I knew it was 7am, I forgot all about my tokens in the pocket and how badly I wanted a cigarette. But the most important part of me was fulfilled. It was my soul. One last view over the fantastic panoramic view of Rotterdam in daylight this time and I’m done! Happy, birthday girl.

Another unforgettable night! Again Kristian created this unique and sophisticated atmosphere like a master can only do. Mr Beyer I would like to thank you from the bottom of my heart for another journey you took my inner me too, you made me feel special again!

See you next month in Dublin

Photography – Jordy Brada