Al Gharib ‘Le Beirut’ Album Review.

Al Gharib ‘Le Beirut’ Album Review.

January 20, 2021 Off By Editor

Review Katie Eve Senior

Released on brand new Melbourne/Beirut based label Al Gharib, ‘Le Beirut’ is a 32-track compilation album. It is a love letter to art, music, and culture of the Lebanese capital ravished in 2020 by a horrific explosion.

It’s a story of how this city’s ruin of devastation and political warfare, as it has fought many times before, like a phoenix will rise from the ashes. Or as Whistle-blower speaks in their featured track, will revel in the “glory of ashes.” The album features the label founders (Clair Bai, Omrann, and Dj Ali) and a combination of headliner and upcoming electronic artists (DJ Ibon, Sentimental Rave, and DINA). The journey of this compilation varies in genre, style, and emotion. Crossing from dystopian to utopian, from ambient to hard techno. Each track produced by the artist adding a different chapter to the story. The transition from the experimental angelic cries of Adam Rajab’s ‘Ya Beirut’ to partiboi69s hard-hitting ‘Face Grind’ is tantalizing. All donations made to this album will go to Lebanese based organizations that will support the community in this current crisis. The links can be found beneath the review.

Beirut “U R The Future,” “Don’t stop dancing”!