Weekend Vandals February Picks / Label spotlight

Weekend Vandals February Picks / Label spotlight

March 6, 2019 Off By Editor

Jeff Dobson

Wow , cant believe its February picks already! When your my ripe old age it sort of goes breakfast, lunch, Xmas sadly, but I digress so lets get into it.

Even though its the shortest calendar month, its not been shy of releases, both on wax & digital format from deep ethereal tones to rig testing Tech

As usual in no particular order….

Tech Beginnings – Maersk Project ( Dave Angel/ Orlando Voorn remixes ) – Bombis Records
https://www.beatport.com/release/tech-beginnings/2481001 Pre Order

Detroit vs Jakarta EP – Thomass Barnett // Ecilo & Jones – Visillusion Detroit
Pre order Traxsource March 15th

Field Lines – Emiliano Martini – Amongst Others Records

Artificial Paradise – Erell Ranson – Distant Worlds
Release date late April

Is This It – Edzy – Soundtracs Records
Release date April 1st

Abstract Manifesto //Generatio Spontanea / Levitation – Various Artists – Specimen Records

A Future Retrospective of Art – Derek Carr – For Those That Know
Sold out

In our monthly picks from here on in we’ll be focusing the spotlight on some of our favourite labels on the scene.
Up first is the Delightful Northern PowerHouse

According to We’re Going Deep founder, Placid, Northern Powerhouse make house and techno “for when the over compressed sound of today’s music gets too much.” Previous releases have gained support from esteemed music aficionados such as Laurent Garnier, Colin Dale, DJ Deep, Radio Slave, Severino Panzetta, Bill Torres, and Snuff Crew, among others.

Northern Powerhouse and their raw jackin’ antics of early Chicago merge with the sludgy new-school attitude of outsider house (can you still call it that?) It’s quite fitting then to discover that the Northern Powerhouse label is only comprised of Alex Handley (who has been producing since the early’90s in projects such as Primordial Soup, Turbulent Force and more recently Auto Sound City) and Nigel Rogers aka Perseus Traxx.

Their crunchy syncopated rhythms of vintage drum computers, with the chorus drenched bounce of the legendary Juno 106 bassline and classic FM pads of the most celestial kind make up the dirty magic on pretty much everything they do….Filth of the finest kind, and they love it!