Velocity Press To Publish The Untold Story Of The Unsung Local DJs

Velocity Press To Publish The Untold Story Of The Unsung Local DJs

March 22, 2021 Off By Editor

On 7 May 2021, Velocity Press will publish Long Relationships: My Incredible Journey From Unknown DJ to Small-time DJ, the first book to detail what DJing is like for the 99% of DJs who never make it big.


Written by former DJ/producer Harold Heath, it’s a biographical account of a DJ career defined by a deep love of music and a shallow amount of success.


From the days of vinyl, when DJs were often also glass-collectors, to the era of megastar stadium EDM, it’s a journey of 30 odd years on a low-level, economy-class rollercoaster through the ups and downs of an ever-changing music industry.


Harold Heath says: “My experiences of three decades as a DJ were a lot more prosaic and down to earth than that of the top tier. I felt that my story was probably more familiar to the vast majority of DJs and that our story hadn’t been told. Most of us didn’t reach the top level of private jets, an Ibiza residency and all the vinyl we could eat but had truly joyful experiences nonetheless, experiences that often changed our lives for the better. I wanted to document and celebrate the untold story of the unsung local DJ; hopefully this book has achieved that.”


If you ever DJed, if you ever lost yourself on a dance floor, or if you ever simply fell in love with the potential contained within a dark basement, a strobe and a sound system, then this story is your story.


Long Relationships isn’t out until May 2021 but if you pre-order it now via the Velocity Press website, you’ll receive first, signed by the author and with your name printed in the book.


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