Upcoming Issue 10

Upcoming Issue 10

January 31, 2018 Off By Editor

Here is a sneek peek of whats coming at the end of February, we are going back to the roots of dance music with our front cover star DJ/Promotor Nicky Siano, who ran and owned one of the biggest early disco clubs ‘The Gallery’ in 197O”s New York and who gave Frankie Knuckles and Larry Levan their first DJ gigs. Later on Nicky Siano became one of the resident DJs of the infamous Studio 54.

Also, we got House music legend Jesse Saunders who produced the first ever house record ‘On and On’ in 1984 and the producer Chip E who used the term ‘Jackin’ & and ‘ Its House‘ for the very time in any record on his debut EP Jack Trax released in 1985, this issue is gunna be off the hook… with so much more to be announced!!

Watch this excellent video of some of the early pioneers in dance/house music some of whom are featured in the upcoming issue featuring Nicky Siano, Jesse Saunders, Chip E, Marshal Jefferson and DJ Pierre……