Track Reviews: Ethan Fawkes ‘Belgium Is Back (Remixes)’

Track Reviews: Ethan Fawkes ‘Belgium Is Back (Remixes)’

May 27, 2023 Off By Editor

Words by Peri GLOWKiD


One of the best descendants of the established Belgian Techno scene, the man like Ethan Fawkes returns this year wearing his remixed military suit.

His successful declaration ‘Belgium Is Back’ sees a brand new remixed release this time through Paris based n9 Multimedia Lab, and with the likes of some of the most outstanding producers.
Starting with the German 90s superstars Interactive (Jens Lissat & Ramon Zenker) and their brilliant remix that links old school vibe with 2023 energy. Then comes an irresistible TBM banger from Crystal Geometry (Tripalium, Bpitch Control, Sonic Groove, Nu Body).
They are accompanied by Luke Riga, aka Luc Rigaux, yet another legendary artist of the New Beat movement (Apotheosis, Rebel X, The Unity Mixers, but to name a very few of his numerous aliases since the 90s) and two acclaimed modern days Berlin activists, Monya and Romance Disaster, both delivering dark, strong and inspired TBM excursions.
All of these great remixes come among the original version of this anthemic tune as included on Ethan’s personal ‘Hoovers & Stabs’ album, which was released in 2019.

About Ethan Fawkes
Ethan Fawkes is an old-school rave techno and EBM DJ producer, based in Tilff, Belgium. He’s known for his charismatic presence and combat-ready style on stage, comfortably playing anywhere from raves to clubs or shows and festival stages with his signature sound: a masterclass in unmistakably powerful and personal tracks.
His unique vision and tireless work ethic are evidenced by a growing catalogue of original EPs, LPs and remixes appearing on outstanding labels including Tripalium Records, Dancefloor Killers, Kobayashi Recordings, Qubiq Records, Fresh Cut, I-Traxx Red Edition and Bombtrap. Ethan is also a very sought-after remix artist, including for The Horrorist, Al Ferox, Clemens Neufeld, Millimetric and Diarmaid O Meara, and his guest vocals appear on various other releases.
‘Belgium Is Back Remixes’ comes out on 12″ Vinyl and Digital on 15th June 2023.
You may pre-order your copies, below:
n9 Multimedia Lab.
Ethan Fawkes
Words by Peri GLOWKiD