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On 28th September 2022, The Prodigy celebrated the 30th anniversary of their debut album ‘EXPERIENCE’, which came out via XL Recordings in the UK and Elekra Records in US.

The album peaked at No.12 in the official UK album Charts and it’s one of those essential ’92 Breakbeat gospels that should not be missing from anyone’s collection.
Liam Howlett, aged 19 years old, was the main man who produced, wrote, engineered and recorded all tracks from the album in his home studio called Earthbound in Braintree of Essex. 
Accompanied by Maxim (vocals) and the dancers Leeroy Thornhill and the late Keith Flint,

the Prodigy achieved setting up something fresh and innovative back in the day

‘Experience’ is an album full of big hits and Top charters such as ‘Out of Space’, ‘Charly’ ‘Everybody In The Place’, moreover we saw the maestro Howlett broadening his horizons with ‘Weather Experience’ a class masterpiece divided in two parts; first on a cinematic ambient dress and then a 303 rocker!
In terms of the Hardcore rave substance all around the 12 tracks of the album,

it can be easily described as Punk

Productionwise, Liam experimented with almost everything he got on his arsenal and eventually it went down a storm.
On behalf of the 30th anniversary of The Prodigy’s debut album, Generation X [RadioShow] presented a special tribute showcase dedicated to the year ’92 represented by The Prodigy. 
In a nutshell, a hail to ‘Experience’ tracks among anything that Liam touched the year 1992. It includes also a guest contribution by various fans from around the globe sharing their own ‘experience’ about this record and the band in overall.
Presented & Hosted by GLOWKiD
Broadcasted on Kniteforce Radio on 27th September 2022