Syl Black – Exclusive Interview

Syl Black – Exclusive Interview

June 13, 2018 Off By Editor

Hailing from Sweden Torre aka ‘Syl Black’ has made Dublin his home from home and firmly cemented his presence in the city with his spiritual eclectic beats and all night sessions, editor Mike Moggi Mannix caught up with the main man and blazed it up…….

Mike Mannix: Thank you, Syl for talking to us at iconic underground you have been making a name around Dublin for a while now tearing up various venues the city has to offer, so kick it back a bit and tell us what initially attracted and influenced you onto the decks?

Syl Black: Peace Mike and thank you, my first introduction to the decks came from my cousin who was a club DJ in Stockholm back in the 90’s. One of the pivotal moments for me was watching a video of “Love Parade” in Berlin. As a 12 year old in 1998, I remember telling myself, this is something that I want to do when I grow up.

Not just to party but to be the one who conducts the flow of the party.

MM: Nice one, in control of the vibes, so what DJ’s / Artists / Producers past and present are behind your ever driving passion for the scene, and in influencing your direction?

SB: I have to take my hat off to Rian Ryan. He taught me a lot about Detroit techno and cultural history of the music scene in the Motor City. He was the person who first introduced me to the underground scene in Dublin. That’s how I met Simon Conway and Giles Armstrong. They ran Electric City in a Club called Traffic, which was raw and stripped back. As a 17yr old, it gave me a great insight into the Dublin Techno scene.

At present, Jimmy Rouge from Orange Tree Edits and Al and the whole Vision Collector Crew are my main influence and inspiration. My driving passion for the scene comes from collaborating alongside the local heroes who are working away to develop the Dublin scene.

MM: How do you see the underground scene now in Dublin and where do you see it progressing?

SB: The scene is ripe; it gets better and better each passing year.

The quality of DJs and producer’s that Ireland is manufacturing is creating a buzz. It feels good to be part of this current movement.

When I look at the future of the scene, I see a portion of it in the hands of our current elected leaders. But it’s up to the members of the scene to stand in unison. Collaboration is key. We are in this together.

MM: Dance music – It’s a body thing it’s a soul thing it’s a spiritual thing, discuss.

SB: Traditionally our ancestors connected through rhythms and dance to elevate their state of consciousness. Tuning the frequency of their mind and body to the frequencies of the sounds they are being submerged in allows a more transparent connection to the soul.

There is an innate tribal instinct in all of us. Dance music is a remedy.

When considering dance music connection to body, soul & spirit, you can’t have one without the other. These three are the Holy Trinity. They allow you as a whole to freely express yourself. That’s what dance music and meditation have in common. The rhythm of drum beats and those of breaths while meditating, serve a similar purpose. They make you more present. Operating from a place of love and without ego only the raw basic form of expression through dance.


SB: I believe once we become less dogmatic and lay down the walls and labels, we do open up more doors in our minds. In my world,

there is only good/bad music.

MM: What’s coming up gig wise collaborations for 2018?

SB: I have to say , after taking a step back from promoting and DJing for last few months, it feels good to get back into the promotion game with my two brands, local Heroes and Balls deep. A good few nice events/parties are coming up on  the horizon especially with the festival session in full swing, I am really looking forward to debut a couple of festivals this year, Knocking Stocking, Arcadian Field, Bare in the woods and Fuinneamh Festival. Up coming gigs: Balls Deep Tengu Garden 14th June Local heroes present Sonntags 15th June Local Heroes present Quinton Campbell 24th June and my debut at Yamamori Izikya 30th June 🙂

MM: Wicked, see ya soon man

SB: Thanks man

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