REOSC Unleashes a Game-Changing Raw Techno EP Masterpiece

REOSC Unleashes a Game-Changing Raw Techno EP Masterpiece

August 28, 2023 Off By Editor

Since the explosive debut of his album just a year ago, soaring to the impressive third spot on Beatport’s Techno Top 100, REOSC has radiated an unyielding and positive influence throughout Dublin and Detroits dance music landscape.

REOSC Dub-Troit

From the inception of the ‘The Music Machine Masters’—a monthly, day-long event that has taken on a life of its own—where he deftly assembled like-minded individuals to breathe life into his visionary dance music concepts, to his resounding impact in the very heart of techno, Detroit, in June this year with ‘Dub-Troit’, REOSC has been ceaselessly at work.

Never one to rest, REOSC has once again shattered expectations with his newest EP, titled ‘The Universe Speaks Techno’, a tour de force of raw, unadulterated techno across four tracks. This latest release, [EP009] on Elevator, firmly cements REOSC’s reputation as an artist who pushes boundaries. Notably, the lead track stands tall among them, reminiscent of the euphoric pounding energy present in Joey Beltram’s ‘Energy Flash’ and the captivating electronic bleep rhythms of LFO’s ‘LFO’. The rhythmic force of the kick drums resonates powerfully throughout all four tracks, raw gritty fucking techno, we love it!

REOSC’s creative endeavor is undeniably extraordinary, crafting something remarkably unique and special with his talent of bringing the right people together. With ‘Dub-Troit’ making an indelible mark on the map by joining the 2 cities, it’s evident that REOSC’s influence continues to expand and captivate.

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Hes celebrating the EP launch this Saturday at the next 3M event in the Sound House Dublin with a very special guest over from Detroit ‘Mr 7 inches’ and will be live streaming on Detroits seminal Techno station 313FM. Along with Stephen Mahoney, Kerz, Electrika Project, Tatzer, Billie-Jean and The Account.


”Cant believe its been just a year since i posted this about REOSC!”

Mike Moggi Mannix Editor