Radiate Label Launch – Premier [Mal Black – Over]

Radiate Label Launch – Premier [Mal Black – Over]

April 24, 2018 Off By Editor

Mal Black – Over – Inc – Mik Mad Remix (Radiate) – Premier

Radiate 001 has arrived, the first release on a brand new label, brainchild of Blue Amazon, also known as Lee Softley to his “inner circle”

Proceedings kick off with none other than Mal Black, a particular favourite of mine from my vinyl collecting days and one to put the wheels in motion on what looks like a very exciting journey for Lee.

Most know Lee for his clubland classics from the mid 90’s, No Other Love, And Then The Rain Falls and a particular favourite of mine, The Lights Go Out from mid last decade. With this new adventure, Lee wants to pay homage to the past, but at the same time, have both feet firmly planted in the cutting-edge forward-thinking music of the future.

Mal Black is a Northern Irish native with a slew of releases under his belt on heavy hitting labels such as Duty Free, Sog Chrome and Academy. He has also been a staple at Convert Records since the turn of the century with heavy hitting releases such as Gravity Pull, Fire and his 2004 release Over/Code 303. Mal, over the course of his releases has demonstrated an uncanny ability to whip up productions that are crossover weapons.

Supported by the progressive elite to the house, tech house and techno underground dons, his music has appealed a wide spectrum of clubbers and DJs alike and he stays true to this concept with his latest piece of work.

Picking things up where his 2004 original left off, the 2018 Recon Mix is bigger, badder with a good double dose of energy. Intricate drum programming and an edgy groove set the tone within the first 30 seconds.

Fat synth stabs and a touch of menace give a nice dark room vibe, shimmering washes, high frequency percussion and what seems like a distorted vocal stab build the vibe relentlessly until the infectious break.
A masterful build up of energy through the break  provides little time for a breather and the track hammers home in melodic style. Is it tech house, is it techno, is it progressive? Who cares, . . . it’s high energy fun and we need more of this!

The first and sole remixer slot on the release is manned by the very capable hands of Spanish based, Uruguayan Miki Mad. Miki, also known as Miguelo is no stranger to high profile clubbing environments, having graced the cabins of essentially every big club in his motherland.

Another producer who slips and slides between the genres of house and techno he has triple digit production credits to his name on labels such as Motek, PP Music, Wasabi and a number of South American imprints. He has also remixed for artists such as Manuel de La Mare, Pleasurekraft, Oliver Moldan and Todd Terry. His interpretation takes the title track to the darker, techier, more groove-inspired floors of the electronica underground and pays its respects to the original title with a more understated (though not to be underestimated) arrangement. With a tech house inspired bassline groove and clever use of the original melody I can see this track having massive crossover appeal.

As an opening statement, Radiate 001 sure bodes well for future releases and knowing Lee and his love for all things electronic and underground, I think anyone reading this should stick Radiate on their radar too.

Review by GuyRO (https://www.facebook.com/guyroofficial/)

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