Phutek – 9 People [Layer 909]

Phutek – 9 People [Layer 909]

May 18, 2016 Off By Iconic Underground

Phutek – 9 People [Layer 909]

Reviewed by DaGeneral

Rating 9/10

Here we go again the main man has a habit of making exciting grade A bangers, so much so actually I am sure the government have told Phutek to put health warnings on all his releases moving forward. Anyway the original of 9 People is really something special, the whole track is trying to tell you a story I am sure. The vocals in the main break are superb, I would recommend listening to them late at night in the dark ha ha they might give you a little freak out! But the groove comes swinging right back in after the breakdown and your back on your feet dancing around the room. Zakari & Blange do a good job on the remix but unfortunately is up against it to shine because the original is so good, and the other remix duties were only given to Urig & Dice. Urig & Dice do an excellent take on the remix making it difficult to choose which remix I will be caning as it’s similar in quality to the original but has its own stamp on this release.

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