Londons ‘Nikonn’ Moby Inspired Remix ‘Lean On You’

Londons ‘Nikonn’ Moby Inspired Remix ‘Lean On You’

March 27, 2021 Off By Editor

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The new single release of London’s ‘multimachine’ of production, Nikonn, is simply exceptional, dispersed onto a marvelous Electronica direction.


The mastermind behind many side projects and acts returns with a remix of his very own neo-soul ‘Lean On You’ on which he’s inspired a lot from the chill and atmospheric angle of our beloved ‘Little Idiot’, Moby.


‘’…as Moby taught us” are some of the words taken from the artist’s description for his new work and this ‘Oldschool remix’ aims to take us to the late days of the golden 90s when Moby unleashed and revealed his … ‘Play’ character.

However, we suggest you to heed this great talent under the name Nikonn.

The incarnation of the perfect lens of Electronica transcending the genres and looking to the future with optimism through his awesome vibes

Always busy and forever productive.

‘Lean On You (Oldschool Remix)’ is a self-release by Nikonn and it’s available to stream and buy digitally on the links below



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