Laynee’s Top 10 Techno Kuts September 2019

Laynee’s Top 10 Techno Kuts September 2019

September 6, 2019 Off By Editor

On the rise and very popular Dublin based Techno artist Elaine Robbins aka ‘Laynee’ is absolutely smashing it across Dublin city and around the tribes of Ireland. Really, enough can’t be said in praise of her skills and genuine kool character. Elaine, like many of us here experienced the dance scene in its hedonistic early days as a clubber enthusiast that gave her the itch to mix, which she did in the background learning how to blend vinyl!

Quietly unassumingly her skills got her noticed and out there and its simply been a meteoric rise for her in the Dublin underground scene this last few years and rightly so. Hard work and persistence and real patient passion does pay off, also having a great ear which also come with practice (kids, there’s simply no quick fix for real skills). We’ve huge love and respect for this budding star, here’s her latest chart!


1.Toni Alvarez- Plasmatec (Original mix)


  1. Sopik, Screamer- Dark Nation (Marika Rossa Remix)


  1. Niereich- Acid Sience (Original mix)


  1. Polli Ji- Meant to be (Coyu Remix)


  1. Carlos Perez, Doc & Martin- Invictus (Original mix)


  1. Goncalo M- Rage Intervention (Rage mix)


  1. Twins Project- Turbolence (Original mix)


  1. ROBPM- Tzunami (Extended mix)


  1. Marco Raineri- Alphabet (Original mix)


  1. Klangkuenstler- Razor (Original mix)