KERZ: Irish Techno Prodigy Rises

KERZ: Irish Techno Prodigy Rises

June 19, 2024 Off By Editor

In an engaging and candid interview, Mike Mannix sits down with rising Dublin DJ producer KERZ to discuss his slammin debut album ‘No’ its creation, and the journey from rock music to techno.

KERZ opens up about his musical evolution, the production process, and his passion for maintaining the integrity of the underground music scene. This conversation reveals the intricate process behind his latest work and second release on Hybrasil’s Elevator program music label.

Mike Mannix: How have you been and how did the album start?

KERZ: “I come from a rock background, starting with bands like Nirvana and Blur. When making an album, it’s not just about putting tracks together; it’s about creating a complete piece. The concept for this album came from saying no to everything crazy happening around us. It’s my way of going underground, doing my own thing. Once I had the concept,

the tracks that fit started to stand out, and the album took shape from there.”


Mike Mannix: Was it all built in Ableton?

KERZ: “The album was built entirely in Ableton, but I also used little machines like a Korg drum set to record and manipulate sounds. Some tracks, like ‘Underground Tribe,’ came together really quickly. Others took more time and tweaking, especially when playing them live at venues like Music Machine Masters

The biggest challenge was balancing the low end between the kicks, bass, and main synths. A tip from Hybrasil to not cut off so much low end made a huge difference overnight.”

Mike Mannix: What’s your standout track personally?

KERZ: “‘Dissident’ is a standout track for me. I love tracks that change and evolve, and ‘Dissident’ does just that with its chord progression. Another favorite is ‘Underground Tribe,’ which also came together quickly. The closing track, ‘Everything Matters,’ was made using little Korg machines. Each track has its own story and process behind it.”

Mike Mannix: What would you like to say is a message from it?

KERZ: “The main message of the album is to keep things underground and true to us.

Techno is tribal and ancestral, and it’s important to protect that.”

I also believe in taking pride in your work. Don’t just churn out music to be on a label; put time and effort into it. This way, you can enjoy promoting it and giving it the attention it deserves.”

Mike Mannix: What are you working on at the moment?

KERZ: “I’m working on a side project that incorporates more rock elements, with guitars and all. It’ll be interesting to see how my techno influences blend with rock. I don’t have a concept for the next techno project yet, but I’m sure it will emerge as I start making tracks. The key is to let the concept shape the music naturally.”

KERZ Debut album ‘No’ – Release Date 2024-05-10 – Label Elevator Program – Catalog EP010

Mike Mannix: What would you say to somebody in the business that are trying to be original in an already saturated market?

KERZ: “To be original in a saturated market, it’s crucial to stay true to yourself.

Don’t template everything; let your individuality shine through in your jams.”

You can tell when tracks are built from pre-made samples. Starting with an instrument and synthesizing your own sounds ensures that your music stands out.”

Mike Mannix: You’ve been getting some good reception from the album. Can you tell us a little bit about that and some of the names?

KERZ: “The album has been getting a great reception, with support from big names like Darren Emerson. It’s always encouraging to see your work appreciated by others in the industry. This positive feedback motivates me to keep pushing boundaries and exploring new sounds.”

Mike Mannix: I saw your promotional skits. Can you tell us about your promotional strategies?

KERZ: “I’m promoting the album in different ways, like creating comedy skits. It’s about giving each release its own unique buildup and crescendo, rather than just churning out music. This approach comes from my rock background, where the album as a body of work was always the pinnacle.”


KERZ, originally rooted in rock music, has seamlessly transitioned to the techno world, with his latest album making waves across the scene.

Sitting down with IUM, KERZ opens up about his musical evolution. He explains that his background in rock influences his approach to creating an album as a cohesive narrative, rather than just a collection of tracks.

His debut album ‘No’ released on Hybrasil’s Elevator program is driven by a strong concept, is a defiant response to the tumultuous changes in the industry and society. The album’s creation involved a mix of collaboration, relentless tweaking, and the innovative use of both analog instruments and digital technology, resulting in a distinct sound that marries the rawness of rock with techno’s precise beats.

KERZ takes us through his production journey, highlighting how some tracks flowed naturally while others required meticulous refinement. He points to “Dissident” as a standout, capturing his penchant for tracks that build, break, and evolve.

Emphasizing the importance of maintaining techno’s underground spirit, KERZ talks about the pride he takes in his work and the importance of authenticity in a saturated market.

Looking ahead, he reveals plans for a rock-tinged side project, aiming to merge guitar riffs with techno’s low-end power. This interview not only showcases KERZ’s artistic integrity but also provides a deep dive into his creative process and his commitment to staying true to his roots while pushing the boundaries of his sound.