Jeff Dobson – Weekend Vandals Chart

Jeff Dobson – Weekend Vandals Chart

December 31, 2018 Off By Editor

As we sit around a two-bar electric fire here at Vandals HQ, waiting for our royalty cheque to land so we can pay the gas bill, we thought as the year dwindles to its closure we best get our 2018 sorted to keep warm.

So here we go.

We try to judge the overall release rather than the title track here at WV, especially when dealing with wax, covering a wide scope of sonic goodness in the form of promos that cross the desk.

First up then is the EPs and in no particular order


Thomas Barnett vs Ecilo – Boy EP               (Visillusion Detroit )

Jerome Hill – Mole Hole Acid                      ( Weapons of Desire004)

Subk0de – Ghetto / Vapour Trails                 (Cubism)

Mr. Stitch – Styles upon styles upon styles    (Bosh Recordings)

Various Artists – Analogue Beacon               (Downfall RecordingsDFR303)

Delicate Droids – Walk of Shame                  (Superfreq)

Steven Rutter & Kirk Degiorgio – Encapsulation – Braconian Beta (Firescope Records)

Jack Wax & Mike Volt  / Posthuman –  Bandits//Crash City            (Flatlife Limited)

Various Artists – Various Artists Vol 1          (Amongst Others 05)

Mihal & Spin Fidelity – Waves of Magnetism   (Magnetic Signals)


In our gaff an album has to be more than a collection of tracks you may or may not drop, we like an album to be something you go back to. Crafted and expressive no matter what bpm or genre it falls into, within reason naturally.

The stand out album of the year for us has been a seamlessly crafted Wax / CD release on Murge RecordingsWavescape – Castle 037174. An album that was courted by a large label leading to an agreement that kept the project in Murge hands, and is a solid audio experience!

And to add – A note from the editor (Mike Moggi Mannix) regarding Wavescape. I don’t normally give my opinion on the vast amounts of material we are sent, but, sometimes exceptions are made when something so good comes out of the blue with no fanfare and without the usual label posturing. In my opinion, this work doesn’t fall into the usual Techno/House pop fad sounds that are usually forced upon the unaware trend chart following herd. This is an epic audio journey that captures the listener through a dynamic synth fest submerged odyssey, thats punctuated in seamless beat driven peaks and troughs, engaging the entirety of the listener.This is how albums used to be made!!  

Right on its tail some outstanding projects

Posthuman – Mutant Acid City (Balkan Vinyl)

Faceless – Spin Fidelity (Specimen Records)

Rob Pearson & Paul Donton – Keys to the Kingdom (Bombis Records)

Various Artists – Verdent VR-006 (Verdent Records)

And in my opinion, a return to form for Mr. C with his Incidents album on his joint Superfreq imprint

The label of 018 – Tight one but with two solid wax releases that won’t be leaving my box is the newcomers Downfall Records.

Acid infused dancefloor wreckers from the Boys down south and eagerly anticipating DFR04 early next year. Go check one of their party Killer


This has been the easiest part of our selective although it’s a tied place.

Derek Carr & Posthuman could have dominated our EP picks and have been the buy on sight producers for the last 18 months. Both bring something to the table and mood adaptable when playing releases. Whether deep and ethereal toned or 303 driven squelch, these two pretty much got it covered and an even busier year ahead we feel.

Live set

This goes out to DJ / Producer Dutchie for his Superfreq 16th birthday set. Twisted wobbly tech delivered with no concern for the soul. Was an absolute sweaty pleasure to witness it

For January 019 (pre-order)

Just a couple to check out ready for your 019 dates

Jack Wax & Mike Volt / Posthuman – Bandits//Crash City            ( Flatlife Limited)

Taktick – Entering Detroit (Abstract Dance)

Auto Sound City – A Collection of Niceties (Weapons of Desire – WOD007)

As always a big shout out to all the labels who feed our souls with kindness in delivering us their promos that without we would be just another run of the mill unit playing the usual buttery sound that has invaded our scene.

We salute you

Jeff Dobson