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GLOWKiD is a passionate Music Blogger, Vlogger and Radio dj from Athens/Greece, born (as a project) in the second decade of ’00s.

He’s a 24/7 avid lover, hard workin stalwart of Hardcore Rave & Nu-Rave music under various subgenres such as Hardcore Breaks, Happy Hardcore till Ravecore, following closely the evolution of this sound while promoting and pushing it quite a lot.



Artist – TNO Project

Title – The Pink Straight Jacket EP

Label – Knitebreed Records

Release Date – March 2020

Cat. – BREED29


TNO Project is the project of Lukas Milbrandt from Germany (born in 1999!). A man with 1 year of life on planet Earth during the ‘90s, who tends now to be one of the most notable producers, especially the last 3 years, with his incredible cutting-edge Hardcore Breaks and Oldskool influenced vibes.


His new EP on Knitebreed Records explains the reason why he is more than essential in the new breed of Hardcore Breakbeat as well as part of the new talent of the Kniteforce Records machine.


‘The Pink Straight Jacket EP’ comes out on limited 12” Vinyl and Digital, comprised of four absolute belters, being by far his best personal work…till his next inspirational strike. ‘Dissociation’ is the opener, warming up from the mind of darkness to the joy of chipmunks inspired a lot by Silent Hill. ‘Nocebo Effect’, following second, is surrounded by Blade Runner bits covered by aggressive breakbeats.


On the flip side it’s ‘Ototoxity’, a tune in which TNO experiments on diverse patterns of Breaks achieving the big highlight of this release, being catchy and full of a ‘90s dose that’s…‘gonna get you’.

Last tune, ‘Xenotransplantation’ has a certain big title, moreover, it is bigger as a roller of different styles, sampling even…Cher, ideally. Out on Limited Edition 12” Vinyl and…ready to be served to your player.



Artist – Local Group

Title – Fresh Rhythms EP

Label – Human Concrete Block

Release Date – 28th February 2020

Cat. – HCB002


This one’s totally ‘UKish’ now. It’s all about the Local Group, a collaborative project of Corporeal Face and LMajor, in times when the South coast of London meets Essex, creating an aspiring force that opens the horizons of diverse musical paths. Their new installment is the second offering from London’s new label, Human Concrete Block, and that is definitely something that won’t disappoint you at all. On top of that, this 4-track EP pays homage to the original roots of the UK Rave movement taking it some steps ahead.


Kicking off with a piano breaks roller that is ‘Baby Talk’, a tune of nostalgia and PLUR spirit, while ‘Fresh Rhythm’ is the fastest tune of this release, spitting monstrous Hardcore breakbeats combined with Acid, all under 155 bpm. ‘Stolen Dreams’ represents the right transition between House and Breakbeat as it used to be circa 1991-92, and calls you all subconsciously into a warehouse and just follow your dream to this damn right rhythm.


Is this the highlight of this EP? Affirmative!

Last but not least, ‘Back In The Daze’ is the last destination of your trip to the Oldskool dimension. A catchy tune with some slamming amen breaks under 130 bpm.

This incredible ‘modern clubbing’ weapon is available on Limited 12” Vinyl and Digital too.



 Artist – We Rob Rave

Title – Dubcore Volume 19

Label – Sozialistischer Plattenbau

Release Date – 28th February 2020

Cat. – SPB12039


Words are very poor for a duet that has ideally defined the sound of Rave Footwork, under their innovative project and idea of We Rob Rave with four amazing albums over the last six years, but none of them vinylized. It was about time to get something on a wax form from the Polish duo. And Sozialistischer Plattenbau from Germany knew that pretty well. The established, two-decade old label maintain their successful Rave series of Dubcore Volumes, entering now to chapter 19. This one’s comprised of four fresh smashers by the Rave Footwork brothers, PZG & Dubsknit, namely We Rob Rave.


Suffice to say that this is a record that pushes the boundaries of Hardcore in conjunction with the magic talent of these two astonishing masterminds. You can enjoy four relentless bangers with ‘The Stabbist’ being maybe the top dank tune from there. ‘Shut Up Baby’ is a proper jaw-dropper as well. A slaughter that covers perfectly what these insane Polski brains can create.


This new work is an alternative Hardcore Jungle direction delivered by an ultimate Polish buzz, dispersed in the 160 bpm range and is…so hot, right now. Do not hesitate to play this fresh hot 12” record on your cold nights. So from now on, you are totally aware of who’s guilty of robbing Rave.



 Artist – Boykz & Chapman

Title – The Feel The Rush Project

Label – Peace On Wax

Release Date – April 2020

Cat. – POW009 & POW010


A massive Hardcore concept has been unleashed by the Peace On Wax label from the UK, presenting and boosting a special joint of two bright producers like Boykz & Chapman.


Boykz, based in the UK, is a well-known producer of his Oldskool days, co-running also Flyte Records with big tunes since the ‘90s. While Stu Chapman (one-half of the remarkable Hardcore Breaks duo, Stu & Nee, and co-owner of Enormous Mouse) is a great Aussie representer of Hardcore Breaks. All in all, two definite Hardcore junkies join forces for an aspiring project of a release, a collector’s series (with the following parts coming out later this year) called ‘The Feel The Rush Project’ covered with stunning artwork by the Salvador Dali of Rave, Junior Tomlin.


One startling release split in two 12” Vinyl and, all told, make it happen. Rushing rhythms, consistent pianos, and evocative stabs all covered in five new tunes by the badboy duet, who draw on their passion and modern techniques on how a Nuskool Hardcore record should be made under the speed of 145-150 bpm range.


It is worth mentioning that the main hit, ‘Feel The Rush’, features also some vocals by Victoria Newton, lead singer of the group Strike (known off their ‘90s charter ‘Sure Do’) and who has already collaborated with the boys on the R4TL project last year.

Without any doubt, all of the five tunes sum up a complete bad boy ruff formula of burning the dancefloors. Proper underground, hands-in-the-air tactics and wishing you once again a…happy 1992!


Artist – Damage Inc.

Title – Hardcore Hypocrisy EP

Label – Sonic Fortress

Release Date – March 2020

Cat. – SF038


Damage Inc., and their own imprint Sonic Fortress, launch 2020 with the first Hardcore Breaks punch following the very successful and critically-acclaimed large compilation, ‘BOOYAKA!’, as well as one of the best remixes of 2019 of the classic ‘Anasthasia’ by T99. The boys are back in the Nu-Rave town again, with a brand new 2-Track digital strike with a potentially tricky title like ‘Hardcore Hypocrisy EP’. It is a controversial title and topic of discussion, the essence of which can be found inside these two magnificent new tunes delivered by Finchman & 2nzy from the Damage Inc.


‘I Don’t Know’ is the first out of two tracks, with an interesting story behind it. Finchman has laid the big pianos with the full-on ‘90s Euroish vocals, while 2nzy collaborated with Mannheim’s Hardcore hero, Systec, working together on the essential drum parts at the mighty Dragon Technical Records studios in Germany.

This track will indisputably drive you mad, dancing & singing it all around. A pretty-modern rave breaks track under 150 bpm of dancefloor panic.


‘In The Dark’ is the second offering, inspired by ‘80s, and those unique lush trancy drops. It’s like putting a smiley face on a Roxette tune and blending it with a few Trance elements from Paul Van Dyk.


Sounds unreal to you? Well, Damage Inc. knows well how to cook that for you, coming back strong and setting the energy to the max. Also, our beloved team of passionate Hardcoreholics turns 30 this year, and this means nothing but more specialties in the pipeline. Till then, take a gander at the and get this double dish that’s fresh out of the oven.

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