DJ, Artist, Producer? What Can Howdoo Do For You?

DJ, Artist, Producer? What Can Howdoo Do For You?

November 20, 2018 Off By Editor

A lot of Artists, DJ’s and Producers asking how this new platform can help and support them with blockchain technology.

We are taking a look at “Howdoo” a new social media platform, specifically as it relates to DJ’s, Producers, and music in general. The platform launches in December and has already had 30,000+ people signup for their unique usernames. To reiterate, there is a lot of talk about Blockchain technology and what new Applications will mean for the music industry, however, let’s be clear, internet 3.0 as it is referred to, is just technical jargon.

The dApps (Decentralized Apps) and websites work in much the same way as they do today, so we do not have to re-learn or be hesitant about using them. The key factor with all of these new platforms is that now we have the added opportunity to earn cryptocurrency by engaging on these platforms as well as the fact that they give the user great protection. The monetising transactions will be frictionless, instantaneous, and secure and with extremely low fees, for all users and give greater ownership of the content back to the creators as well as covering privacy issues. 

Howdoo Platform Introduction


Inside the head: The Musician is the star of the social media show if they have the tools to create and engage. They are naturally creative, intensely passionate and will put incredible time and effort into developing their craft and following. Musicians really care about their content and will naturally gravitate towards ecosystems that give them the best chance of making a living from music.

How do they Howdoo: The Musician will never just use one social network, instead choosing to replicate content across many channels. They will, however, be active on all channels and engage well with their community. They will use video and photo features and if music purchases and streaming are possible, it will be used, heavily. They would use broadcasting and ticket features, even for armature performers as well as merchandise sales to drive extra revenue.

Beneficial features: Galleries, community groups, streaming, live schedules, ticket sales, polls, competition features and more.

uDOO In: Ad revenue, tips, music sales, ticket sales, and merchandise.

uDOO Out: Tips, competitions, as well as exchange back to fiat currencies.

User Engagement 

This niche can cover music creators and music fans. Irrespective of features, we need to ensure the content is there before we get user critical mass.

For the music creator, the ability to broadcast and upload audio is key, using the other social features to support the channel or artist.

For the music fan, the ability to see what artists are doing and creating, find new music and consume that content is paramount. We need to really push the message that musicians can charge for their content. That other user can ‘license’ their content and use it. That channels can host their own radio station that their audience can tune into.

We should provide examples of multiple ‘branded’ channels for music marketing. This allows us to show how music creators can build their identity and future features such as merchandising could be very lucrative, especially from a service fee point of view. Howdoo will be launching their Android and iOS apps in the near future as well as the web portal in Q4 2018.

Special Announcement 

As part of our ongoing mission to provide opportunities to rising talent around the world in the Underground Electronic Music scene, RONDO has partnered with Howdoo, Iconic Underground Magazine, and Mixcloud, to launch the first ever DJ Contest, with 50,000 UDOO tokens up for grabs, all info at

We have 4 incredibly talented Judges with over 60 years combined music industry experience, joining us on our mission to curate the most dynamic rising talent, so stay locked onto our various channels for the latest updates.

Howdoo website:

We aim to educate and motivate aspiring artists and all involved in music, about the incredible use cases for crypto in the music industry and to debunk the stigmas surrounding Crypto and make it super easy for all to participate, and get used to the idea that the crypto economy, can have real and tangible impact in our industry and our lives.

Written by: Jonathan Finberg, Founder, Rondo

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