Darmec – Blue Lava [BLUE MONKEY RECORDS]

Darmec – Blue Lava [BLUE MONKEY RECORDS]

September 26, 2018 Off By Iconic Underground

Artist: Darmec – Title: Blue Lava
Label: Blue Monkey Records – Release Date: 9th October 2018  – Cat No: BMR025

Label boss back Darmec is back on Blue Monkey Records for its massive 25th release.  Blue Monkey is becoming a go-to techno label with its consistently output of quality releases.  Darmec is no stranger to the scene with a production line output of high-quality techno coming out his studio since late 2011.  Was all about this promo when it landed in my inbox to see what the maestro has come up with now.


Darmec – Blue Lava (Original Mix)

Loving the original mix with its heavy basslines and use of vox surrounded by an eerie atmospheric sound oozing with sinister intent.  This track has dark night club written all over it and is enough to take every venue on its own unique journey.


Darmec – Blue Lava (Alen Millivojevic & Drzneday Remix)

These guys are no strangers to the scene or Blue Monkey Records, and we should remember the masters that come out of Alen’s studios are used by some excellent labels due to the level of mastering he achieves.  This remix with Drzneday is no exception to the quality you would expect from these guys, with a more military feel to the track and an exceptional breakdown to switch you up to another dimension.

Darmec – Blue Lava (Tea Vuckovic Remix)

New artist for myself so was intrigued to have a listen to see if she is my cup of tea (see what I done lol).  Really love his take on this track and enjoyed her breakdown with its are you ready for this style suspense before kicking back into destructive techno mode.  Good work.

Darmec – Blue Lava (Stereo For Two Remix)

Last but not least we have the Stereo For Two remix.  Really is a completely different vibe to the original and to be honest I really love it. More of a chilled affair to the rest of the releases on here but merits it’s own recommendation as it has a real musical journey value to it.  Again happy to have listened to a new artist and their way of working excellent stuff.


Once again Blue Monkey Records and Darmec have proved that whatever comes out of that stable is top notch with a variant difference across the release to ensure that no matter what your techno set is one of the mixes would easily fit into your set list.

DaGeneral Rating: 9/10