DaGeneral – The Stag (Remixes) [HYDROGEN]

DaGeneral – The Stag (Remixes) [HYDROGEN]

July 18, 2017 Off By Iconic Underground

Artist – Dageneral  – Title – The Stag (Remixes)
Label – Hydrogen – Release Date – 2017-07-17– Cat – HYDRO088

Yes another review! and as the sun keeps shining down on us all so does the awesome music! Today sharing the love we have Dageneral with remixes of his new single The Stag, featuring Bageera.

I am pretty confident that many if not all already know these pair within the tech circuit of sounds since they have released an abundance of tech beats to shave your weekends into a very well sculpured portrait of fashionable techno vibes.

Today we introduce ‘The Stag’ – The remixes.

Dageneral  – The Stag (Dageneral & Bageera Remix)

90’s styled funky and the 00’s styled progression, here we are. Very modernised styled synth melodies and composition that get the groove on! If we should chat today about production quality then we have pretty muched covered it if we used the word ‘NAILED’. A very strong punchy kick surrounded by sacred synth vibes that colour the skies of tech! Compostition…..did we cover this already? have you even listened to this track! compositionaly smothered in soul and character! I think that best describes this track but further more describes this mix. With an added drive from the drums included we have already sealed a #1 !!!!!!!!

Check this for yourself! purchase this track with the following link!

Dageneral  – The Stag (Bageera Mix)

Ok, so lets slow things down, lets also add a little more blues to the state of tech we have already been introduced to. Shall we add a little more funk? perhaps even more emotion? correct!!! this is where we are at with this mix. Bageera showing us all how it should be done regrads reducing tempo/bpm but yet somehow enhancing the experience we alreay had from the original takes. Smooth, soulful groovy beats guide us through this awesome remix. I am feeling a little more late 80’s shine to this mix and in everyway feel good about it 🙂

Dageneral & Bageera – Check them out! with an extensive catalogue of beats for all I can only imagine that this track has already been placed to the top of the ‘selected’ tracks for any tech sets. If your looking for a little soul and funk but keeping a modern aged style at hand then this is the single for you! regardless of your slected mix, each carries the soul from the original piece and very well constructed by all artists.

Craig Brogan Rating 9/10

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