DaGeneral Review Earpeace HD

DaGeneral Review Earpeace HD

February 9, 2017 Off By Iconic Underground

Earpeace now a sponsor of DaGeneral were quick enough to send out a set of protection for his next B Se-Lek tive event in Forfar. I was of course happy to receive these and eager to open them up in the studio and give them a test run before using them in the nightclub.

Protection of your ears as a DJ or artist is paramount, and even as far as clubbers looking after your hearing wouldn’t go a miss, now would it?

The main concern isn’t just listening to loud music; you must understand it’s the prolonged listening to loud music that can cause damage to your ears. You can imagine that 4 hours in a 100db environment could be damaging to your ears, therefore I would recommend you consider possibly trying to reduce the risk of damage through this.

Anyway, a lovely package arrived and I was presented with these beauty’s

Specifically designed for DJ’s and coming in a handy keyring style protection with spare ear peace, these are perfect for to take on the road with me. The reinforce pull tabs were easy to grab and fitting in my ear was reasonable easy, I would say better than another couple of brands I have but I won’t mention the companies.

Ok crank up the studio volume and put these in my ears and I was impressed on the quality of the protection and the clarity I could still hear the music without any loss of quality. The sound was still crisp and clear but you could just feel that the music wasn’t drumming into your ears as hard as they were before.

After a couple of tracks testing with these in and out and in comparison, to the other brands, I am more than happy to announce that these are my go-to headphones and I will be using these at my coming events this year.

I highly recommend you check out their store and pick up a pair for yourself. Watch this space possibly for some DaGeneral branded ones coming, stranger things have happened.