DaGeneral February 2019

DaGeneral February 2019

February 9, 2019 Off By Iconic Underground

It’s me I am back again, been quiet for the last couple of print issues so have a few things to talk about I guess!  Things have been as busy as usual for me between music production, HowDoo the new social platform on the block chain, DaGeneral & Friends radio show, checking out the new security phone “Ano-Phone”, and of course getting some new press shots done with some trendy new clothes courtesy of “Black House Academy”

Will start off with the production work!

On the 12th February you can get your hands on a 2 track EP I done with the fantastic Ben Perin, which will be available via Forge Records!  The Access Denied EP features 2 cracking techno tracks and I am pretty sure you will love them.


DaGeneral & Bageera have been hard at it in the studio as always working on various things which include a new tech EP which will be coming soon, and a secret project we are working on for a free mix download, but I can’t go into what that is just now so you will have to wait and see!

Something big to let you know about is we are working on a collaboration with none other than Priya (vocalist from Carnoustie) and Mark Hill (he is the original Artful Dodger and boasts no less than 4 Ivor Novello awards).  We are really excited with this project and can’t wait for you to hear what comes of it. Priya has a beautiful voice!

I was fortunate enough to be sent the latest in mobile phone security from the wonder people at Ano-Phone the secure encrypted phone with VPN is the worlds answer to mobile phone security.  With a stripped down version of Android with clever firewall and VPN offering, I was able to browse the internet and communicate with privacy and security.

My device arrived with anonymous XMPP  accounts and a 12 month secure private VPN as well as a UK charger.  I put 2 unregistered sim cards into the device which were also protected by the company VPN and really had no worries at all when testing out the phone.

The device itself has a 64bit ARM based SOC with 2GB RAM

KRACK protected WiFI modem and 5″ display.

My charge is roughly lasting around one week which is amazing for a mobile phone battery life.

I am really enjoying using this phone and would recommend you go to ANO-PHONE  to check them out when looking to pick up yourself a new mobile phone.  I mean ask yourself is your privacy important?

Another new partnership has been formed with the excellent designers at Black House Academy, who are an excellent designer brand hailing from just outside New York in the USA.  They currently have 3 collections at the moment which really stand out in comparison to a lot of offerings out there at the minute.

I was fortunate to be sent the Roland jacket and Rip-Staver shirt. The shirt is hand stitched and being honest is one of the best fitting and comfortable shirts I have ever put on.  The production quality is second to none and I feel honoured to have received both items.  The Roland jacket is also a perfect fit and I have really taken to it, and of course it goes really well with the shirt.

I really recommend that you go over to Black House Academy and check out all the collections they have available.  They are in my opinion the brand to watch in 2019.

Last but not least I would like to announce that I am an official supporter of the new Social Media platform HowDoo which is on the block-chain and has your data as a priority.  Due for launch soon this is the new wave of social media which will be a total game-changer.  Of course it’s via my support to HowDoo that I met the legend that is Mark Hill.

That’s all for my update be sure to check out the latest issues of Iconic Underground Magazine for the latest in quality content for music and urban culture.