DaGeneral – Done To You [STATIC MUSIC]

DaGeneral – Done To You [STATIC MUSIC]

December 5, 2017 Off By Iconic Underground

Artist – DaGeneral – Title – Done To You
Label – STATIC Music – Release Date – 5th January 2018

Ok today I introduce another awesome EP provided by Dageneral, Done To You. Which comes with 2 tracks for us all to check out, Chilled Life and of course Done To You.
DaGeneral has seen many releases score in the Beatport charts and has collaborated with many artists including myself and has also seen releases on many labels including Mauro Picttos label Alchemy with the release of Number One, other recent releases include Spaced over at Blue Monkey Records.

Ok let’s dive in and check this out.

DaGeneral – Chilled Life (Original Mix)

A no messing around intro sees the kick the bass and panning elements take off from the start line. Soon we have very exotic styled vocals expose themselves with great EQ work intact. Vocals are full of life and colour and take control of many areas of the mix. A very marching forward approach on the groove with beautifully chosen and placed keyboard shots that pan well creating more depth. A relaxed breakdown offers more vocal work and makes great use of reverb to create the required amount of depth for the overall piece. great work.

DaGeneral – Done To You (Original Mix)

A very Techno kick drum sits tight with its subs and by subs I mean, SUBS! you can really feel the power from the low end throw itself at you. Atmospherics play a big part at the back offering a sense of calm as elements pan across the field, whilst more to the front we stick strong with the kick and bass. Synth hits soon add character, vocals within generate life to the mix. A very nice track with a traditional Techno approach with a twist. Well done.  Great work from DaGeneral who seems to be getting very busy indeed with collaborations, remixes and of course his very own originals not to mention running his own label General Surgery Records. We look forward to hearing more very soon.

Craig Brogan Rating – Awesome