D.Carbone Talks Exclusively to IUM

D.Carbone Talks Exclusively to IUM

February 19, 2021 Off By Editor

Interview Editing Mike Moggi Mannix

Interview Matt Mondo

Davide Carbone is better known as D.Carbone an Italian Techno DJ- producer and label manager, owner of Repitch Recordings, 3TH Records, and Cosmo Rhythmatic who is now based in Berlin.


Always passionate about his sound which can best be described as Bold Industrial Techno, Hard and fast with Acid nuances allows him to bring out his dark side! We caught with him to find out more..

Mattew Mondo: Hi D.Carbone, how are you in these strange times?

D.Carbone: Hi Mattew, all good! Thanks for inviting me. Times are harder but

I always hope for a better future!

MM:  When did you start to be a part of the electronic music scene? When did you create your first beat?

D.C: I started 15 years ago, for fun with some friends and with times it grows up, till it became my only thing in life!

MM: Techno originally wouldn’t have existed if it wasn’t for our obsession with the future. How does the tension between past and future affect electronic music in your opinion?

D.C: I Guess looking to the past and our roots is a must-do every day in the life, but at some moment we have always to make the foundation of our future.

MM: Which artist’s and DJs have influenced you the most?

D.C: I’m honest but I love people who tried to make an important impact in their career, the likes of Jam Master Jay, Jeff Mills, Hypnoskull, CJ Bolland but is an endless list I prefer to say that I like to analyze people and extrapolate the best (maybe depending on my previous study and interest in psychology)

MM: What’s the biggest challenge in producing Techno, for you?

D.C: Not being business influenced!

The fact is that nowadays to survive you have to struggle a lot and art can be suppressed by consumerist attitudes

MM: Whats are you currently working on in the studio?

D.C: I always working on a lot of stuff, I have an upcoming EP on Scuderia, the 10 years of my label REPITCH, some various and remixes, and a lot of new collaboration to come out.

MM: What do you try to convey in your sets?

D.C: Energy, Rhythm, and Vibes!

MM: Clubs or festivals?

D.C: There is no comparison bro I love both, let’s say that festival is more for my egoish side (It’s always beautiful to play for 5k people) but you don’t have this family vibe with the public, instead of in a small club, there is always this connected vibe that creates the magic, is more like sharing emotion with people.

MM: Any plan for the future?

D.C: Anything I can do to keep Acid and Rave culture alive!