Clockwork Orange – Danny Gould Interview

Clockwork Orange – Danny Gould Interview

April 24, 2017 Off By Editor

We had the absolute pleasure of interviewing Danny Gould of Clockwork Orange on Saturday night before his banging gig in Dublin. Watch out for it in issue 5 of Iconic Underground Magazine.

Clockwork Orange –

The London/Ibiza club night was as cult a movement as the film of the same name, and in promoters Danny Clockwork Gould and Andy Manky Manston, had two larger than life characters who were “Aving it. Aving it right off” as they say!!

To this day, Clockwork Orange remains one of the most talked about and successful clubs to have ever set foot in Ibiza. The Clockwork crew lead the British invasion back in 1994, when they took over Es Paradis, and went onto become something of a global phenomenon. Everyone wanted to play for them. Everyone wanted to be on the guestlist. They were huge.

It was the summer of 97, when Clockwork Orange reached the height of its powers. With Sky One screening the infamous Ibiza Uncovered back in Blighty, Danny Gould – in his Clockwork Orange emblazed white van, had become a mini-celebrity and the boys were untouchable. If you went to Ibiza, then you went to Clockwork Orange at Es Paradis. Simple as. Heck, as I write this I remember when I first went out to Ibiza in 98, I made sure that the first thing we did when we landed was buy our Clockwork Orange ticket!! It was the done thing. Back in London… the success was mirrored tenfold. The then Camden Palace was the venue of choice and the guys would have that place rammed and rocking within minutes of opening.