October 2, 2020 Off By Editor


After an incredible day yesterday with the boss Carl Cox making an impassioned comment that the UK ‘government are wrong’ and ‘we are viable’ as a scene, lets see what enthralling interviews, talks and live sets we have for you today.

10.00am: How The Industry Is Tackling The Climate Crisis, presented by The Association Of Electronic Music (AFEM)

What meaningful changes can the electronic music business make now to create a more environmentally sustainable industry and culture post-pandemic? This panel examines how DJ’s, promoters, event workers and key figures are leading by example, the education streams being used, and the growing use of green riders to effect change. Whilst looking at these ideas and tools it further explores the opportunities open to everyone be part of making a lasting difference to help create a more sustainable future for electronic music at every level.

Moderator: Tristian Hunt (AFEM, Regional Manager)

Hadi Ahmadzadeh (ECODISCO)

Jolyon Klean (Orca Sound Project)

Sophie Awdry (Eco Glitter Fun)

Claire O’Neill (A Greener Festival)


11.00am: Beatport Annual Report

Presented by:

Heiko Hoffmann (VP – Artist & Industry Relations)

Laren Agues (Product Manager)

12.00pm:  Journeys by DJs -Nicole Moudaber, presented by Data Transmission Radio

In this session Sacha Wall, Controller and founder of Data Transmission Radio delves deep into conversation with DJs, to find out more about the artists journey with dance music, and how they arrived to where they are today.

Step forward a true titan of today’s Techno scene, the unstoppable force to be reckoned with that is Nicole Moudaber.  Sacha will delve back to where Nicole’s journey began, right back to her roots and what set her on the mighty path that she follows today, and the highs and the lows she’s dealt with along the way.  The late night tales from the parties she’s played and find out what’s beneath the surface of this strong lady, what really gets her ‘in the mood” and what the secret fuel is that powers her turbo charge, this is a DJ that takes no prisoners, and a conversation not to be missed

Host: Sacha Wall (Data Transmission Radio)

Nicole Moudaber


1.00pm: DJ Mag presents Black Representation in Dance Music

How have Black people fared in the industry thus far? Have some Black pioneers and artists been overlooked or effectively airbrushed out of history? Have some dance music sub-genres been ‘whitewashed’, and if so, how and why? Has the Black Lives Matter movement changed anything? And what of the future?

Moderator: Mick Wilson (DJ Mag)

Rowetta (Happy Mondays)

DJ Paulette (DJ) 

Colin Dale (DJ)


2.00pm: Marketing for DJs/Producers/Promoters

There’s never been a time when marketing has been so crucial. Ths panel discusses the best way to move forward in the new ‘normal’.

Moderator: Damion Pell (Decoded)

Danny Howard (Radio 1)

Grace Flynn (Mustard Media)

Stanton Warriors


3.00pm:DJ / Producer Q&A

We go deep into the realms of music production with some of today’s best producers. With releases on Toolroom, Defected, Superfreq, Finger Lickin’ Records and Hot Creations our panelists have great knowledge of how to make music for clubs and festivals around the world. We will find out what their secrets are behind getting signed to such exciting labels and get some great studio tips and tricks.

Moderator: Martha Cleary (Tru Thoughts)

Josh Butler

Krafty Kuts

Jay Hill (Hot Creations / Superfreq)

DJ Rap


4.00pm: Music Data Discovery & Innovation, presented by CMU

The modern music business is an increasingly complex operating landscape where formats are regularly evolving. Over the past 20 years or so there’s been a significant shift in the way the music business operates. Music companies are now data companies. We look at how music data can drive discovery, innovation and revenue across the value chain. Focusing on the diverse data sources on offer and the questions we should be asking our data, we will explore how you can compete in the data driven music economy.

Moderator: Sam Taylor (CMU)

Inder Phull

More TBC


5.00pm: Global Impact of Covid on the Dancefloor

The UK Economy has taken a huge hit both culturally and economically during the pandemic, but how has this affected the dance floors across the world. We debate the impact of cultural influencers across the world. Examining Culture , Media, Music, Nightlife and the vision for the future. We are graced with an amazing panel of guests to discuss and debate within unprecedented times – Be Safe!

Moderator: Michael Kill (CEO – NTIA)

Professor Fiona Measham (Liverpool University/GNPR)

Stuart Knight (Toolroom Records)